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  • [ – ] gabmcking reply what that game?first time i see this
    • [ – ] Residentbeyond parent reply It just came out a week or two ago it's in early access on steam, it's called playerunknown battlegrounds. It's a lot of fun!
      • [ – ] gabmcking parent reply am more a single player kinda guy.this look like a camper vacation spot but the maps look awsome
        • Residentbeyond parent reply I really like how the game feels and plays and it's only camperish because it's derived from Arma which is a military sim, I wish it had a survival game mode haha. I too am really into single player games
  • Residentbeyond reply fuqqqq just noticed my mic was low as shit, oh well watch it as a edit tage i guess haha
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