NJPW "Best of Super Juniors 24" Night Two Recap: LK Live

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  • [ – ] shodate reply liger's promo made me cry
    • [ – ] LoudMouthWrestling parent reply Really?? What did he say?
      • [ – ] shodate parent reply it was the fact that how he talked soo dirctly to the fans [ kayfabe is very rarely let of go in japan like that face or heel hencw why milano cried as well you know the color comentaor who is ex worker who had to give it up cause back iujrius but he grew up as a fan of liger to lke most wrestling fans in ths nation between the agres of 20 and 50 would have done think of it as semi retirement sort of promo think of te emotion of the sooccer platyer from you fave team saything the same thing in japan wrestlers talk to the press in the main not the fans this was the promo to he that of the annocemt he made a few week back many fans thiugt it kayfabe that it was to be his last all the workers even tought his annoncemt was kayfabe hell even i did and yamada san is one one closent friends i was ageanting fir the next match talking to takahashi about the match he just had ...more i always rear load as an angent ie talk after the match not before but he was talking to the fans [ in shooting saying what he said in the accoment he made about this being his last super jrs witch i remind you most of the worker eeven though was kayfabed even i did think he kayfabe after he whent with alive mic and said thank you t he fan in the way he did i knew t was not kayfabe waht he said to the press then afyt he gave the speach [ i shuld not have called a pormo that yamada keiichi talking to jushin thunder liger hes cae right to to me and said boss [ that what he calls me when i agemt for his matches] tell me what you tought if the match i just said "how can i citsize that its my job but not my right " i talked him not not as a agent but as he friend and as fan for alot of years that speach he gave talked to that part of me they same way it talk to that part of milano to i wager hence why you saw him well up to
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