Do Long Distance Relationships Work? | PUBLIC INTERVIEWS

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  • [ – ] Heyou-GetOffaMyCloud999 reply I know it's a comedy bit, but seriously, yea, they kinda do. Often better than close range relationships. A perfect example is this video. I'm watching you via internet from Eugene, Oregon, and quite frankly, I don't care to know you any better than that. :)(joke)-No, really, great video and channel.
  • Bobtoronto reply Thanks for following man! I appreciate that. Yeah, even though I'm teeeerribly cynical about just love in general, I have actually seen long distance relationships work out. I have a young niece, just 17, who is in one now. My niece is in Canada and he's in the UK! It's long story but he actually made the trip here, went to prom with her, and they looked very happy together. But they are so young...I hope it works out for them in the long haul.
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