Pure Imagination (Industrial Grade Sound)

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  • [ – ] Kimota reply Quite beautiful, it reminds when I used to heard Atmospheric Black Metal, a band called Lustre and the beggining certain album by the Ol' Burzum, Varg... something, something, I'm not good with names. Thanks for the music.
    • [ – ] Artalive01 parent reply Welcome mate... It is partly inspired by the same concepts that you find in Atmospheric black metal and similar styles. Admittedly so, this was an older track that I just wanted to post for the hell of it. Anyhow, glad to see another black metal fan around here.
      • [ – ] Kimota parent reply Vikernes(I remembered when you answer me) I'm not a black metal fan, but I used to heard it, I liked it more than power metal to be honest, heh, some of my favorites were Emperor and Immortal, also liked Anaal Nathrath, Venom, Ihsahn solist stuff, Portal. Athat's interesting to know, Glad that it really made remember good times when I was really xperimenting stuff. That's always a nice feeling to have.
        • [ – ] Artalive01 parent reply Huge Bathory fan here. Anyhow glad to hear you have ventured about with music.
          • Kimota parent reply Vikernes... I remember it when you answer, but I had to sleep, sadly I didn't get into Bathory when I could, I remember hearing the first abum and that I liked, sadly I can't remember what the album sounds, Too much thrash metal to my head. But you made me remember an all time favorite, probably the best thing about my Ol' weabo years, the avant-garde black metal band "Sigh", they first album was with Deathlike Silence Productions, but I liked more their most experimental stuff: https://youtu.be/_SEXG4oXCgU Maybe you've heard of them.
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