You can't reverse engineer success (Part 1)

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  • TheDeanerBreakdown reply Thanks for the upvote Y2Jay- appreciate your insights in this video:) Will check out more!
  • [ – ] November_Fox reply I agree that if there is too much "Product" for people to choose from, they will just choose to go with nothing. I have noticed that there are more than plenty of gaming let's players on Vidme. This is to such an extent that I have decided to never follow any gaming let's players on Vidme, because I could never pick which ones I like the most.
    • Y2JayDoesAsia parent reply It's actually backed by psychological analysis and research. It's called decision avoidance, when confronted by too many possible options people tend to walk away entirely because the decision is too difficult to make. It's why the ONLY video gaming channel I follow is just a friend of mine and I really follow his channel due to that relationship, not the content itself.
  • BrianDuvall reply Thanks for the follow and upvote, Y2Jay. Cheers, BrianDuvall
  • theoldsparrow reply Astute analysis.
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