The Solution To Youtube Censorship

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  • RAGEfit reply Fallout is bae. I agree that those with money hate that content creators can make money without being "politically correct"... it kills me but it can't be a non-factor
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Your assuming everyone who joins YouTube are there are content creators and to make money. None of your points are valid, I still support YouTubers via Patreon, and already some have moved away from YouTube. If people leave YouTube, why would they care what is left behind ? They silenced you because they can, whether you like it or not. You don't pay Youtube's bills, Advertisers do.
    • Eric_The_Kek parent reply I never said I thought everyone joined youtube to be a content creator or that their sole purpose was to make money. I became a content creator for example for a hobby and that is still my main purpose in creating content. I agree youtube has a right to relegate what kind of content is on their site, however, I also have the right to not use that platform as well. I have full confidence capitalism will work out the issues I have with youtube. I appreciate your feedback by the way.
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