SJWs Try to Deplatform Me

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  • Jedimembrain reply Hey buddy. Welcome to the "Nazi" club. Its not so bad in here. Yea we get called deplorable and "literally hitler". But we also grow stronger with every stab! Skeptic, I know you want to call the Trump loving Pepe worshipers nazis and say your not. But can't you see your falling for the same shit? You really believe everyone at that cville rally was a racist? The real racists alt-right guys are a minority. This is a battle of regression vs everyone else.
  • supernova743 reply Congratulations, you know you've made it when people make a big deal about your attendance.
  • VoltaicFire reply Don't worry bud, I and many people have already sent an email to MythCon management and they're resolute in standing with you.
  • OVlogick reply I feel like YouTube is dying for realzies this time
  • Emperor_Caligula reply It is a depressive move. It seems these days the movement here to is really massive. I hope very much this platform will remain free. I guess time will tell.
  • [ – ] Phobos_Media reply Greg I have to express my concerns here... what if they want to get all the skeptics in one spot (which just so happens to be in the bible belt) so they can MURDER YOU ALL? I mean, that may just be the tinfoil hatter in me talking... and the pot... ...And I really don't wanna drive to Milwaukee from New Jersey. The sad part is I will probably end up doing it anyway
  • mattytripps reply 6:20 i wonder if antifa will show up and start attacking people. If they do then the lying msm will blame you, no matter what happens
  • mattytripps reply Cenk wants EVEN MORE activism in news. Are you fucking kiddding me? He doesn't think that we have way more than to much activism in news already?
  • mattytripps reply 0:53 accidentally mischaracterize skeptic? Accidentally?
  • Carm3D reply Have fun at the convention. Haters that accuse others of hate are gonna hate.
  • Ckrap reply Youtube is a sinking ship. Advertisers are leaving, channels get demonetized - which leads to more advertisers leaving - which leads to more daft and boring content. Might as well go back to watching regular television, which nobody advocates anymore. Youtube is becoming more and more equivalent to regular, daft, PC, television.
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