I just got this edt 10:29am. What the heck is it?

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  • [ – ] Jayling7 reply What the heck is that! It shouldn't be the New Moon for either of us, it's in the wrong spot. The Moon for us is up to the right of the Sun, about the 1 o'clock position. Wow, what a catch, J!!
    • [ – ] j7409skynews parent reply Man I don't have the foggest as to what this could be. Its kinda freaking me out. It was there and then it was gone. What the HECK!
      • Jayling7 parent reply I shot out the door after seeing this and snapped about 50 pictures and a video, but couldn't catch anything out around the sun - well, except blooms and lens flares and all that. Awesome catch, J!
  • [ – ] halocraft reply Weather balloon.
  • [ – ] jerzeydolphins reply clouds ruined most of my eclipse day :-(
    • j7409skynews parent reply Hey Jerzeydolphins Glad to hear from you sorry about the clouds . I had to fight them off and on. Take care buddy Love ya J
  • Platypus67 reply Could it be your fingertip? (I don't know your setup...)
  • halocraft reply Same balloons that hold the sun simulator and sats.
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