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  • [ – ] combustable reply as this shit goes on the more numb i feel.
  • TenderBabyMeat reply I said it once before, if you're ever in the northern Midwest I'll buy you a beer. I think this video ups that to at least two. I spend so much time watching various vids and reading so many articles and blogs from as many sources and sides as possible, that I just end up feeling hopeless and unable to see any options for all of us to move forward. Even in places that one would expect to encounter rational and reasonably well educated thinkers all I find are pits of ideologues that rant and ALLCAP at the slightest whiff of someone posing a point that is not in complete agreement. It has really reached the point where the opposing view does not even need to be a polar difference, merely deviated is sufficient. Merely posed from a perspective of theory for the sake of inspection and discussion is enough to instigate dog-piling and blocks in many cases. I don't really bother anymore with keeping track of when I am called a racist/cuck/nazi/libtard/alt-right/homophobe/tranny/etc. They ha...moreve truly lost almost any semblance of meaning for me (I now wonder if they ever had any at all) because clearly the epithet of choice varies depending on who I am engaging and has little to nothing to do with any actual representation of myself. It seems to be more rare to find those that can simply engage in any discussion and have them retain a degree of mental flexibility that would afford them the ability to consider an alternate perspective. And worse yet, I am seeing more and more that they are aware of this rigidity and are growing increasingly... proud of it. I hope to see you continue with your content, in whatever capacity, in the face of everything currently taking place on the various media platforms. I see you as a voice of reason, and a reminder that there can still be hope to find more voices of reason that for now are just quiet. Maybe as more of this nonsense takes place some of those voices will speak up. I direct as many as I can to hear what you have to say in the hope that they will feel as inspired as I am when listening to you.
  • OctopusOnFire reply So, in between the new science deniers from the left, and the "study talibans" from all sides, honestly, there's this middle ground that says "averages don't necessarily apply to individuals, chill the fuck out".
  • Fhokencougie reply Shit got outta hand real fast once they found they could get away with their childish temper tantrums. One way to put this shit to rest is to declare anyfukers that make intimidation, fear and violence as their group-think motto gets labeled as a terrorist organization and dealt with under the rule of law rather than allowing them to continue under the cloak of freed speech. Of course that could go very south depending on who's manning dispatch at the time. Thanks for your clarity on such an unclear situation. Feel free to watch my tank video in case you need to bring it down a bit during a safety meeting.
  • coon_my_dude reply Also, can we just adress this real quick because it seems nobody is pointing it out: just how Shia Labouf this whole farce is? Even their fucking chant, what was it after "blood and soil", "You will not replace us"? I mean these polo-sporting tiki torch wielders probably just yesterday were taking the piss out of yet another stolen "He will not divide us" flag, yet here they are chanting this unironically. No listen, fuckers, we will not replace you... we will nut inside you. Here`s to human gingivitis, type B hepatitis, adenoiditis and appendicitis. Cheers
  • Nicodemous52 reply Here is my thing with this new raising white nationalist movement I can kind of sympathize with them but only to a point. Ultimately though, I oppose them mostly be cause the real problem is identity politics, and I don't think the answer is more identity politics.
  • coon_my_dude reply So you won`t be sporting the devil head at all anymore, from what it seems? At least you kept it for the vidme profile, I guess... Miss it. No, when I heard that the #unitetheright cringefest was led by none other than "Flaccid" Richard Spencer my only reaction was "of ever loving fucking course".
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