I'm Not An Anime YouTuber

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  • [ – ] Nicodemous52 reply Didgibro is kind of like Movie Bob... both of them are fairly insightful guys with good and interesting things to say, but both of them are too far up their own ass to not be a prick. Both of them would be cool if they just stuck to what they are good at (break downs and analysis), what brought them an audience in the fist place, but both of them are too stupid to do that.
    • [ – ] AnimeReviews parent reply Digibro has always been a jerk, he disrespected ALL the English dub voice actors in the U.S. He's high on his own opinions.
      • NECRO_XIII parent reply Agreed, I'll have a video coming out soon in the next couple of months about "anime youtubers/reviewers", at least the well known ones. He's definitely going to take up a lot of runtime lol
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