COG - NASA’s ISS Propaganda+“Floating City” in China (Project Blue Beam: Holographic Alien Invasion)

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  • [ – ] sowhat-vidme reply I tried to talk to family members about the moon landing hoax. My father called me crazy, but I think it may have been propaganda. I cannot fathom how these astronauts got through the radiation of the Van Allen Belts, especially not at that time. That amount of radiation kills anybody within a couple of years, at most. But the astronauts do not suffer from cancer or anything like that, and they live very long. This makes no sense at all. And all the irregularities of the camera pictures/video footage. The crosshair is not in the center in multiple shots. And NASA itself admitted that the so-called "moon stones" they allegedly brought back to Earth are like facsimiles, not real.
    • [ – ] CitizenofGotham parent reply NASA/ISIL (Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Jupiter, & Asteroids) PSYOP
      • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply Thank you for the playlist link. I know lots of people who say that the whole ISS is nothing but a hoax. And why did NASA give the development of these space rockets into privatized hands, like to SpaceX's Elon Musk. I do not believe SpaxeX actually has rockets that can land on their own boosters and be reused then. I say it is a scam to get government subsidies.
    • [ – ] CitizenofGotham parent reply @sowhat_vid_me Thanks for watching and commenting as well. Yes, the Moon landing and NAZI is all a PSYOP; NAZI is actually NAZI, but the Slumbering Sheeple believe everything they hear or read intake media, because everyone is Conditioned to use Logic and not Discernment. There is also a tie-in/connection to Copernicus and the so-called "flat earth," which is more about the earth not being a sphere nor a flat plane, etc., Namaste
      • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply I personally do not believe that the earth is flat, but I cannot disprove it. But I know that NASA are not telling the truth. Their alleged photo/video footage are mostly cgi, nothing more or less. And SpaceX is a fraud, imho.
        • CitizenofGotham parent reply Yes, all the stuff that NAZI?NASA puts out is propaganda. Regarding the "flat earth"; not arguing for or against, but pointing a few things out that people should be open to; e.g.,gravity is a theory, evolution is a theory, relativity is a theory, as well as as the Big Bang theory. Also, it is so crazy to question the supposed belief that the earth that we are on is spinning thousands of miles an hour, as well as it being on its axis, as well as it wobbles, and ungulates? Paradigms that all should be open to and not use the construct of math and science, which are both based in duality/dualism.
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