TJ TV 08 - Top 10 WTF Kamen Rider Moments

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  • nrnstraswa reply lol Nice vid TJ!
  • BoundlessHalo reply This reminds me... I REALLY need to check this series out.
  • Xephon0930 reply Man. Beetleborgs hasn't aged well at all. Worst part is Jukou B-Fighter,B-Fighter Kabuto and any Metal Hero hardly has subs for their episodes. But yeah,I really loved the WTFery of Starfish Hitler. Sounds like something from /pol/ would love in 4chan.
  • sentaifan100 reply Oh god, I was wondering where this went off to...I still love the joke he used for the Decade Final Attack Ride of Hibiki
  • OnlyUltimate reply Great top 10 video! Those WTF moments were making me scratch my head haha
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