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  • [ – ] theoneeyedman reply Did I just hear that right? The darker haired girl got taken away on a bus? Not an ambulance?
  • [ – ] AndyMoreton007 reply Great work as always mate I recently moved from West Yorkshire and now live a few miles from Newton Aycliffe where Laura's from! These girls have NOT been in a terror attack, the whole interview is about the concerts and no anxiety in the few parts they touch on the attack. Compare them to Paul Reid, he overacts, they under act or just act normal as they were not involved IMO. Again like you said why given the minor injuries were they kept in hospital? To get the £50k and put faces to stories and personalise them but odd Laura got left out of most of it. The Dads current & ex partner look identical! I thought they were the same. This Morning & GMB are disgusting for supporting this narrative, Phil Schofield is scum but I'm surprised at Holly Willoughby. Time for some truth on their official website hope you don't mind if I leave a link to then and ask people to leave a comment on what they think ?
    • [ – ] UKCriticalThinker parent reply It's pointless asking them minions to comment on this stuff, it's the people who get affected by these lies that need to see this stuff. They need to be able to realise what is real and what isn't, and sharpish.
  • obelines reply Excellent analysis, the names are so confusing, and the stories are even worse... Millie's friend got taken to hospital on a bus?
  • BrotherSpartacus reply JDownloader v2 will download vidme and youtube videos. And it's free!
  • openyourmind reply Also, don't mothers and daughters sometimes look like each other? There's no similarity here.
  • openyourmind reply 1 min 44secs from the end. Dupers' delight all round.
  • jozapps reply Around 10:30 and after when Laura is talking look how the Mum looks really nervous and starts looking downwards . . . "get it right Laura, get it right" lol
  • absolute_madness33 reply There is something about these children that just doesn't sit right with me. I feel very uncomfortable watching them. They are either brainwashed or fearful
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