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  • [ – ] hippyann reply Dog guy = Mark Frost! I screamed for that. :D
    • debbieja39 parent reply I screamed that too - like anyone was there to hear me exclaim "Ooh! Mark Frost!" At about 6:30am
  • DavidKirk reply Thank you Cameron and Hal for doing these videos.
  • mcjmc691 reply I live in WA and I just saw the eclipse over Snoqualmie!!!
  • bcoady reply This may be a total stretches but just watched the episode again and noticed these correlations. Is there a connection between Dougie, Ruby, Naido, and the zombie guy in the jail? Dougie/zombie repeat everything that is said. Obviously Ruby/Nadio are both Asian. Ruby and Dougie both crawling. And when Ruby starts screaming there are flashes like when Dougie stuck the fork in the socket. Could they be connected?!
  • [ – ] Robert_Bridget reply For anyone that is wondering, regarding only THIS episode, here is what the Russian leak said about the episode: "Nadine breaks up with Ed. Cooper's double meets Philip Jeffries. The FBI is looking for Douglas Jones. The Log Lady calls Hawk for the last time. Audrey Horne worries about her missing lover." So, this was very accurate, avoid at all costs any info on future episodes. Great as always Cam, happy to keep supporting the cause!
    • not_your_foot parent reply Thank you for sharing! It's interesting to know this in retrospect. ("Retrospect" being the important word here) :)
  • LondonTown reply OMG just watched twice here in London. That was for the hardcore! Norma and Ed perfect....this time with Nadine's blessing. So much emotion, goodbye Margaret. Been loving these people too long for it to stop in 2 weeks time :'(
  • [ – ] Jasonic reply Glad I found you! Screw YouTube! I love the theory that "Judy" is Phillip Jeffries nickname for Garland Briggs. Makes that scene read "We're not going to talk about Judy (Briggs)". Maybe Jeffries has knowledge of or has seen DoppelCoop kill Briggs in another dimension and recognized him as a different version of him. Chilling, right? Thoughts?
    • mapstothestars parent reply I hope Judy isn't Garland Briggs. I don't know why Garland would be of so such significance that he couldn't be talked about. The feeling for me is that Judy is another person or version of a person, female, mysterious and maybe looks like Laura Palmer. Actually, I'm open to whatever they come up with and Philip Jeffries saying it's someone you've already met is possibly directed at us as well as E. Coop. A slice of cherry pie to anyone who guesses "her" identity correctly.
  • [ – ] bcoady reply Was it just me or the motel that the doppelgΓ€nger met Jefferies looked like the motel in FWWM when Leland sees Laura and Ronette?
  • psilocybonaut reply Please do make that Mulholland Drive video, I'm really curious to hear what you think it was if you don't believe the general consensus.
  • [ – ] AwayGoalRule reply What did you make of Jeffries saying, "So you are Cooper?"
  • [ – ] psilocybonaut reply Did you forget to mention the Jumping Man? He showed up for a split second when the Woodsman flipped that switch, right after doppelganger asks for Philip Jeffries
  • [ – ] kmsharley75 reply Mr C is on his way to Twin Peaks. In fact I fully expected him to come up on the Twin Peaks sign instead of the convenience store. Awesome imagery with the convenience store and all the smoke. Very reminiscent of the Mystery Man's shack in Lost Highway.
  • Kodaemon reply HOLY CRAP, I just realised something: Jeffries was supposed to be at "The Dutchman's." You know who's Dutch? Carel Struycken :D And the kettle/bell contraption apparently housing Jeffries is the same kind of tech the Fireman uses :D
  • [ – ] Cole_Webb_Harter reply Did you catch that the dog guy was Cyril Pons?
  • hippyann reply Also... someone was definitely lurking behind the van on Hutch and Chantel scene. I saw something black moving on the back window. :O
  • PhilippAcker reply I think that Phillip Jeffries has a evil Doppelganger
  • Jroyster83 reply Screw YouTube I signed up just for you Cam :)
  • [ – ] Silas99 reply The guy walking his dog was Mark Frost. Thought for sure you guys would've caught that lol.
    • [ – ] mapstothestars parent reply Can't blame them, there's so much to unpack in this part. Wasn't this character a TV reporter in the original series?
      • Silas99 parent reply Yes, Mark Frost was a reporter. I guess he lost his job and had to move to the trailer park. I'd love to hear a little more about his story.
  • psilocybonaut reply Is there not going to be a watchalong? It's Saturday already..
  • HeraclitusCapacitor reply Judy Garland Briggs...or Naido.
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