Digital vs Physical Video Games - Ferocious Fridays!

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  • [ – ] ActionPoints reply I've done a little research, but not enough to say for certain what I think is correct. I've boiled it down to a matter of the industry trying to cut cost and generate revenue where they can. That means trying out different retail models and pushing them further when they can. Hence why we see things like Day One DLC, Season Passes, etc.
    • Foxarocious parent reply So, it can be somewhat attributed to the youth and newness of the industry...I can understand testing new ways to sell things because that's an exciting part of promoting stuff from a new industry, I suppose. I hope the market wises up to things like this so that the companies involved will think harder about the bonuses they plan on giving. I wouldn't mind paying for a Season Pass or a game at $60 if I felt like it was worth it.
  • [ – ] Solshow reply Woot woot, keep killin it Fox
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