Flight Stick for the Nintendo 64! - Quickshot NitroStock

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  • cheddyy reply @craftman213 tbh i don't think anyone can be stupid like the way your comments demonstrate. This platform is about something very different, it doesn't get you cash, it gives you satisfaction making content. That is why you won't gain anything by plagirising people's content. Also I suspect your account to be a test by the developers to see what we think. If that's so, im very excited.
  • LeviSama reply Nice video, Really entertaining my dood. I personally was never a fan of flight games
  • [ – ] The-Omniution-V2 reply Did you try Turok 2 with that? Probably works better.
  • duffy reply i remember this piece of junk
  • [ – ] jackthegamer reply i,l be honest i think flight stick are better for the 6th gen console rather than the 5th
  • BranTheLaw reply Think I'd stick with the classic N64 controller. Damn near perfect.
  • SixtyforceEdits reply I honestly don't see the point in anybody making something like this for the N64. It would be a much better option to make a PC or even a PS1 flight stick. As the PS1 and PC actually had some flight games on it like Descent. And even still, it's kinda a moot point bc Sony had made a flight stick of their own. Not to mention there were already tonnes of flight sticks for PC. I don't really see a reason for this to exist, N64 or no.
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