clif high foreclosure/eviction prevention and original land patents

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  • shaena reply 0:10 discussion begins 0:25 clif high ( interviewed 4 feb 2017 by greg hunter: (my apologies about glare) 2:25 clif high: what's the point of having paid off Chase? 2:45 mortgage loans = purchase agreements where contract is between "you", customer, and bank, USA INC. 3:10 paperwork to secure housing via UCC 1 ( to claim abandoned salvage as "homeowner" ( 4:15 paperwork for renters (see second page: 4:40 see NOTICE OF REVOCATION OF AND COLLAPSE OF DEED OF TRUST XXXXXX in link to claim abandoned salvage as "homeowner". recording NOTICE: first step to withdrawing from mortgage agreement with lender 5:30 1) Judicial foreclosures are states that use mortgages conduct judicial foreclosures, using the court system to exe...morecute the foreclosure; states that use deeds of trust conduct non-judicial foreclosures, using an out-of-court procedure defined by state law. 2) Non-judicial foreclosures are based on deeds of trust that contain a power-of-sale clause. The clause enables the trustee to initiate a foreclosure sale of the collateral (home), without having to file a lawsuit or go to court. The trustee is typically required to issue a notice of default and notify the trustor (borrower) accordingly about defaulted loan status. If trustor does not respond, the trustee then initiates the steps for conducting the foreclosure sale of the collateral (home). 6:10 US map: 6:35 states with judicial foreclosure have more protections for "homeowners" and this include louisana state (see video description about louisiana: 8:05 clif high and chase are proof of fictional homeownership (Richard MacDonald on title: (Santos Bonacci on ownership: 8:40 record documents at constitutionally recognized county recorder office, usually at state capitol News from Switzerland (CH=coaCH) updates: 10:25 i once heard: for one english word, there are at least ten german words, and then there are at least ten russian words for each german word: 10:30 german boe 1849 uses formal title, such as Dr., Ms., etc.: 11:40 punctuation: 12:00 german language includes words that there is no English word, such as Volk, which is not people--closer definition might be nation's population 13:10 english language is legalese 13:30 avoid sugar: swiss chocolates have their own aisle at the grocery store. 15:15 review german grammar to rework UCC documents 15:45 avoid grains: poisoning: 17:05 founded in 1933 glyphosate was developed by Swiss chemist Henry Martin in 1950. 17:35 17:45 bayer asprin Ingredients: where triacetin is a humectant, plasticizer, and solvent. (asprin should be pure: 17:55 18:45 my bad, protest was in 2013 19:05 20:20 coaCH crosstrails linked to nonactive legacy members, and clear skies to when they are on the move and meeting in coaCH 20:40 red shield's owl: 21:35 clif high stated foreclosures will be new normal 22:20 highest cost to securing home: hiring land surveyor 22:30 search for nearest meridian: 23:00 for properties on original land patent:
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