how to get past the cringe of vlogging in public

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  • [ – ] imJustJosh reply I really love that you made this video. I've always wanted to be a vlogger but I've yet to be able to comfortably basically talk to myself. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get over that BUT I'm hoping moving across the country and trying to record that adventure helps some. It's good to know that someone I love watching struggled too tho lmao
    • SurfersSelfies parent reply thanks for watching :) and just remember everyone has there own way in life and its ur way to discover ur passion. u sound nice
  • [ – ] Markusooi reply I am the same way, i can play guitar and sing in front of large crowds but as soon as I get a camera in my hand It all gets more difficult. I thought I was the only one in the world that does not like vlogging in public. Your vlogs are so good.
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply I've been working on my being uncomfortable vlogging in public too. I've actually only tried it once in a park. I'd be talking at a normal volume and then I'd meet somebody on the trail and I'd get super low and quiet with my talking, lol. I definitely need more practice. I just keep telling myself, who cares if people look, that's going to happen, and other weird reactions I'm sure, but I just have to get out there and do it and get over it. Encouragement vids like this one really help out and boost the confidence. Thanks for making a video about it man.
    • SurfersSelfies parent reply any time mate im glad i could help, and also yes the more u do it the easier itll get. when i started i couldnt stand doing it infront of people even my gf but after a while i started talking to more of my followers and friends and then i stopped caring about random people. thats why i started making the videos for my followers on vidme and n0t only for myself :P
  • [ – ] liveavacation reply maybe it's because you are vlogging in a country where they understand you xD try it in asia, you'll get plenty people on the street wanting to be part of your vid xD
  • [ – ] Trap_Luverz reply Keep up the videos man. Glad you are becoming more comfortable with your vlogging.
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Its hard to feel comfortable in front of a camera when you start at all. It feels uncomfortable and unatural. It really is just doing it until it feels normal and comfortable. A lot of people will probably be glad to hear your experience because it will encourage them to keep going! Good vid man!
    • SurfersSelfies parent reply thats what i want and thats why i made this video.. its for all u guys coz i know how it feels. im doing alot of these types of videos
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I know exactly how you feel, been in many cover bands myself. Picking up a musical instrument on a stage in front of a crowd, I can still do it without hesitation. But to point a camera at myself in public is Ok, but talking to it, impossible LoL. good video.
  • [ – ] MatthewHoltz reply Dude I really like your style of vlogging it feels really genuine and honest and I think that's what makes the experience of watching the vlogs so enjoyable! I'm also doing vlogs currently , more comedy based but I really do enjoy your videos ! Keep it up !!
  • [ – ] Albert_Fuller reply This is an awesome topic and very relatable. I live in New York City and people watch and judge all the time but I just keep doing what I love to do!
  • [ – ] Profitsforall reply For anyone who's vlogs there isn't a problem filming in public. Especially if you make badass quality content.
  • [ – ] LeppelyPlus reply This video is super encouraging! The problem I've had, is my friends being unsupportive, and giving me shit when I try to vlog or take a selfie. And that makes it really hard. (I clearly need better friends lol). But I'm working on it! I've finally made the "who gives a shit" realization on my own a while back, but it's still a bit of a struggle to get over that bump. Thanks for making this to encourage those of us still dealing with the cringey-ness.
    • SurfersSelfies parent reply think of it this way.... would ur friend be paying u out if u had 1,000,000 follows ? make each video like ur making it for that many and have fun :)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Nice intro! You realized what other people think doesn't really matter. Nice going! I suppose actors go through the same thing. Thanks for sharing your fears. I can really relate to those ones. You know if you think about it, five seconds after people see you, they've already forgotten about you. They're busy in their own heads with their own thoughts, worries, fears, doubts, agendas, etc. If they have a prejudice against what you're doing, then that's their personal issue that they have to deal with. You are a pioneering creator. They should be honored to have seen you working your craft, to have been that much a part of the magic. Do they get judgy at the content creators they go home and watch? Or the actors in their favorite shows and movies? Our greatest enemy is the voice in our own heads telling us that what we are doing is wrong, that we are inconveniencing others somehow or that we are acting foolish. I bet that most of the people who see you filming secretly wish that they ha...mored the guts to do what you are doing. Great job on the video!
    • SurfersSelfies parent reply thanks you very much mate this means alot and yes it doesnt matter what they think the only thing matters is how u break tho it all and make ur creation in ur mind come to reality :)
  • [ – ] Bobtoronto reply I often wondered when I'd crossed the line from funny to cringe. I imagine it's often. Then one day I kind of realized that I wasn't honestly that bothered. Gettin' cringy for the fans! I love it!
  • Random_Videos reply I need a cam. I stick to compilations for now
  • [ – ] twinmz reply I feel the cringe so hard like I don't know if I could ever get over it but this is a great vlog so I'm glad you did!
  • [ – ] imthatvid reply Dope video keep up the good work check me out if u like thanks I'm starting so trying my best out here
  • [ – ] YoahCat reply It helps if you look your best and think positively while vlogging otherwise it will show on your facial expressions. SurfersSelfies you did all of that! ^ I also like the kiss outtro, that was cute! <3
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply I cant get past it because im the ugliest
  • [ – ] idubbbs reply This is a really good video, whenever youtube dies out youll definitely be number 1
  • [ – ] mrmikehilliard reply This was great. I can totally relate. Nice job and keep it up. I subcribed and upvoted!
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