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    For Subscribers - If you generously subscribe to our channel, We'll give a few different benefits to you. Subscribers will get the following benefits. -Vidme Channel Name Shout Out: Your name will be mentioned in the Video as one of our Subscribers, with a big thanks for your Subscription! Your name will also be put in the End Credits at the end (For as long as you are subscribed!) -Discord: You will be invited to join the Discord Server (After 3 Months of being a subscriber) and be invited to chat with us, as well as join in with any Topics, discussions, ideas and more! There will be scheduled times for these events so stay tuned for that. (In Progress of being Revamped, so please bare with us! If many people subscribe, there will be a waiting list of course to discuss ideas and that, but you'll still be invited to talk with other Subscribers and toss ideas about.) ============ Subscribers who also Tip will be given extra bonuses, depending on Tip Amount. These bonuses will also be in effect for those who are not a subscriber as well. $10 - A huge one time thank you on the next video at the beginning, but all Videos will have your name in the End Credits Permanently. (Will create an End Credits list for all those that do donate ontop of Subscribers.) $25 - You will be given the CHANCE for the next video content idea (Names are picked randomly from a Hat which will be recorded when picked if too many donators give this amount.) $50 - Small Vidme Icon made by RickyFoxTarts (If there's a lot of these, please give some time of course.) $100+ - A Huge collaboration with our entire team, pitch your ideas, your thoughts, be given a gift for your dedication and receive a drawing made by two of our Artists in the team (Drawing may take some time, but Gift will be sent immediately!). ((Still currently under Review by Team, these benefits are not Final and may be subject to change!))