Our homemade see through propane gun

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  • FPCVirtual reply Scary weapon for wars versus watermelons. 🤣
  • UDoIt reply Evan's face when he fires it for the first time!!!! PRICELESS!!
  • [ – ] Ledgitimate reply If only this wasn't highly illegal in Australia 😂 Nice clean design though 👍
  • [ – ] whatwellhuh reply You want an oxidizer tank too, not just a fuel tank. That way you can be certain your reaction chamber has everything it needs. Thusly you can have your round better sealed in the barrel.
    • [ – ] evanandkatelyn parent reply Yeah we've thought of that but is there an option less dangerous than oxygen? From the research we've done, pure oxygen might be a bit craaazy :D hehe
      • boelwerkr parent reply The "mixer" of the propane torch infuses to little air. It infuses enough air so that the gas can ignite, but not enough for an explosion. You need an additional mixer to add more air. Viel Glück :-)
  • [ – ] JustABloke reply I want one of those LoL
    • [ – ] evanandkatelyn parent reply We probably should not recommend it for liability reasons but it is so fun! Think we'll make a compressed air version sometime which should be a little safer
      • JustABloke parent reply I would never make one (it's probably illegal here in NZ), but just watching the process of it being made was fun. I wonder how far I could project my cat.
  • [ – ] cornhole01 reply What fun !!! BTW: A felony in CA, so dont take it there.
  • [ – ] sarah reply i love your guys' first reactions to it. so cool! how'd you even come up with this idea?!
    • evanandkatelyn parent reply Haha it was the sound of dreams coming true 😀😀❤️ basically been bouncing around for a while but definitely inspired by a mix of Mythbusters, Smarter Every Day, and Backyard Scientist
  • TychoWerner reply It's very nice you are also on vid.me, thank you :D
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