Soft Censhorship? | YouTube Crisis

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  • [ – ] LeonLaGrey reply Ex-YouTuber here, Welcome to the vidme, This is what happens when YouTube community gets flash down the drain and doesn't listen to it's users.
  • [ – ] madel_schmadel reply Everyone should use ad blockers on YouTube and help teach the company what real financial pain feels like. Using ad blockers means not only does YouTube lose ad revenue but actually loses money each time a video is played through access to its bandwidth and technical resources.
  • [ – ] 0range reply I wish more people follow your lead and get out of youtube.
    • LibertyDoll parent reply Well I'll still post there just for the shear size of the site, but I won't rely on it as much to reach people and interact with your lovely selves
  • thoughtcrime1984 reply Hahaha... I remember how we were all called tinfoil-hatters when sounding the alarm months ago. Even had a number of anti-'s telling me these issues were just glitches and that talk of Orwellian thoughtpolicing on YouTube was overblown... Well, what y'all have to say now? (If you're still on YT, it doesn't matter what you have to say anyway)
  • Guns_N_Things reply Well I for one am glad you mentioned this place. With You Tube going the way it is this might be the only place for people to practice free speech soon!
  • Vegasbob reply Ask YouTube for a vocabulary and phrase list of "triggers" since I'm assuming that is what they're using to flag videos. That would be a pretty funny read.
  • [ – ] thisisntme reply ex you tuber and I also follow on Facebook. you might recognize the thumbnail.
    • LibertyDoll parent reply I do and hello! Sorry I'm only seeing this now. Still figuring out the platform and it seems notifications aren't links the way they are on FB
  • [ – ] A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply Google has even taken down their own YouTube
  • [ – ] kendrakane reply That's interesting. I have noticed people's normal comments disappearing. I took a screenshot of this issue for an example. I know some creators can review posts before they appear or they can make certain people's comments only visible to them.
  • [ – ] A_Psy_Thinking_Outside_The_Box07 reply If you do not mind me asking, how do you put a video from your youtube channel please?
    • LibertyDoll parent reply I had a option of uploading something directly from my computer or I could put in the address of the video that's already on YouTube
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