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  • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss reply And I thought I was fancy for having a gold colored fidget spinner. BTW, are you old enough for a martini? 😀 👍 Nice to meet you on Vidme ThatMartiniGuy.
    • [ – ] ThatMartiniGuy parent reply Yes i am plenty old enough, i'm almost 21 if you could believe that! Nice to meet you too, i'm new to the platform, i have got daily videos coming out all month if you would care to be my first vidme follower?
      • [ – ] WalkingForWeightLoss parent reply I try to be a good Vidizen here be engaging in follow for follow (excluding channels where the creator's ethics are incompatible with mine) other creators who are creating authentically-made, self-generated content, upvote for upvote, and I'll watch another creators' video and leave an original and relevant comment if they do the same. I also try to be a good Vidizen by replying to any comments or messages I receive - and, if I have time, replying to people asking questions on the VM reddit. With that, please follow for follow.
  • sowhat-vidme reply I could not afford for that car. Congrats.
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