An irishman plays pokemon leafgreen part 1

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  • [ – ] cartergamegeek reply If you want to do LP stuff you need to try to invest in home console capture stuff. I use an Elgato HD, a Blue Yeti Mic and Audacity and Vegas. Your setup is not to bad. Your game audio is also a bit low. I have not been making videos long, but i feel like i learned a lot. I love my setup. Your video is still good based on what you used. My LP tip is working on getting a capture card and a good editing software. And a PC that can handle it. Live console capture is a good way to make LP's. I enjoy what i use. You still did good. I'm still trying to find what works for me, but i feel like my new content has been solid. Most of my stuff is on YouTube.
    • [ – ] Rorycar98 parent reply Thank you for those tips on aiming to buy a few of those now in the summer once my leaving cert is done and I'm working regularly again so thank you very much
      • cartergamegeek parent reply You're welcome. It's what i use and i think my content looks and sounds nice. It's a good set of stuff to use. I hope you find everything at a good price.
  • [ – ] Donagh reply Love power rangers
  • Rorycar98 reply I know I sound a bit bad but trust me I'll be more upbeat from now on I wanted to test what the sound was Like (probably should have done that before)
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