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  • [ – ] themillennialrevolt reply YouTube has been working on ways to manage offensive and extremist content according to a post on YouTube’s official blog, videos will now be subject to mob rule. If enough users flag a video as “hate speech” or “violent extremism,” YouTube may impose restrictions on the content even if it breaks none of the platform’s rules. and some steps it has taken include AI-assisted video detection and removal as well as input from more experts. CLICK LINK IN THE DESCRIPTION FOR CITIED SOURCES!
    • smithpolly parent reply They already ban people's comments without letting them know the comment is banned. The person can see their own comment but nobody else can see it. That is just so sneaky and underhand and dishonest.. If they are banning someone's comment, they should make it clear to the person that the comment is banned.
  • Shimeran reply Hadn't heard the search bit. Yeah, "That is not an approved topic citizen, here are your reeducation clips" won't piss off anyone at all. Good call, YouTube.
  • [ – ] SlavicLore reply Since when are we governed by EU and NGOs? I didn't get a memo, no phone call, no letter, nothing.
  • 108astudyhard reply You sound pretty left are you? Causes your making alot of sense.
  • [ – ] Auceza reply To keep it simple: YouTube is managed by Susan Wojcicki. YouTube becomes a bully. Germany is managed by Angela Merkel. Germany becomes a bully. The UK is managed by Teresa May. The UK becomes a bully. Can anyone see a pattern here?
    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Auceza : So you're saying that you think ISIS is been managed by a woman. Well, it's certainly a theory.
      • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Hitler was voted mainly by women. Without women's suffrage there probably wouldn't have been a WW 2 and a holocaust.
        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Auceza Do you think Hitler was a woman? That moustache looked pretty fake to me and he had quite wide hips. You could really be on to something here, Auceza.
          • [ – ] Auceza parent reply No. Hitler had been an insane cuck who was raised with his sisters and mainly sourrounded by females during his childhood. And of course Hitler became criminal, bad educated and mad... just like many boys of today raised by single mums. Hitler had been a sissy.
            • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Aucezz : So is unusual where you live for brothers and sisters to be raised together?.
              • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Bush was voted mainly by women, too. Without women's suffrage there probably wouldn't have been a war against international law within the Near East. The Iraq wars destroyed the balance within the region and also caused large areas to be contaminated by depleted uranium within the ammo. Albright didn't care about the children and the many, many innocent victims of these war crimes. Even today many children born in Iraq suffer disfigurement caused by radioactivity. Obama and especially Crooked Clinton helped buiding up ISIS and supported them until recently. Crooked Clinton wanted to attack Russia and Iran. She would have caused WW 3.
                • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Auceza : Was Bush raised with his sisters?
                  • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Haha! I think you get the message. :-)
                    • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Acueza : The message? You mean you think ISIS is been managed by a woman who has men who were all raised with their sisters as as her henchmen
                      • [ – ] Auceza parent reply You seem to be very interested in ISIS, aren't you? I guess you don't know how ISIS came to existence. And i also guess you don't know that Crooked Clinton supported them by taking money from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is a big sponsor of ISIS and bribed Crooked Clinton. ISIS is a bunch of desperate people who had been radicalized by the U.S. foreign politics which had been dominated by women during that time. Since you kill thousands and thousands of people and contaminate large areas of a region, it's pretty comprehensible that the affected people became angry and dislike the United States. The same happened in Libya after the actions of war criminal Crooked Clinton. ISIS is also pretty strong in Libya these days.
                        • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Auceza : Who is Crooked Clinton?
                          • [ – ] Auceza parent reply Google will help you answering that question. :-)
                            • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Auceza : So you don't think Google is managed by a woman?
                              • [ – ] Auceza parent reply You can also use since you don't trust google.
                                • [ – ] smithpolly parent reply Auceza : Should I trust Google? Is it managed by a man or is managed by a woman?
                                  • [ – ] Auceza parent reply At least you should trust in your ability to think by yourself. I mentioned some facts in regard of women. You can ignore them like every other Leftie. Or you can question them and do your very own research. You won't be able to change my perspective by trolling me. Since you are able to disprove my statements, just do it.
  • shogadame reply I just saw about an hour ago a LawereWolf political video disappeare, minutes after it uploaded, YouTube is dead to me.
  • [ – ] Cynical-Bastard reply Glad to see you here Revolt.
    • [ – ] themillennialrevolt parent reply Thank you glad to be here 😏👍🏾
      • Cynical-Bastard parent reply Way to take a stand on the liberal front. Censorship isn't liberalism. Censorship opposes liberality- I just don't see how it is that people can't grasp that. The democrats really really fuxxor'd people up. They lied. They prevaricate and lie and these social justice warriors are...weaponized, and somehow this is either turned a blind eye to, or just unknown to the hoi palloi.
  • ADTgaming reply This sounds (to me, at least) like YouTube trying to fix a minor problem in the worst possible way they could ever think of. Or yeah, I guess 1984 is starting because YouTube wants to crack down on Isis beheading and recruitment videos.
  • I3UTM reply Glad you took some time off! But I'm also glad you are back. My assumption about YouTube was correct when I first joined Vidme.
  • halfasheep reply SJW fascists hate free speech. The Youbue CEO is a SJW!!! Youtube is gone.
  • BookSmart reply Peterson's account being deleted was probably not the result of AI. From what we know of the algorithm, it puts videos into a special mode without certain features. It does not delete entire accounts. Therefore, it seems more plausible that somebody at Google decided to delete Peterson's account.
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