Talking VidMe and YouTube as well as comments for VidMe staff.

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  • [ – ] SuitYourself reply Already blocked another moron on YT. Cunt reckons I'm begging. No where in this video did I ever beg. Fucking morons.
    • Debrajo33 parent reply Ridiculous. Why should we not support creators? We pay for other services. Try to talk nice, enter the cuntz. I did subscribe just a tad here too, in case anything goes with Patreon.
  • crazydingo reply We only have a limited time on earth ... too limited for bullshit , do the vids the way you want to suit ... that's the way we like them . True Blue Buddy 👍
  • [ – ] RayBrann reply I like your content Suit , not the platform I log on to in order to watch it . So if you're here & not YT , so be it .
    • [ – ] SuitYourself parent reply Cheers RayBrann, appreciated.
      • [ – ] RayBrann parent reply The thing is , we are "your fans" , not YT's . YT benefited from creators like you , & now they're taking a dump on you , so if they loose "You" , they also loose "Us" .
        • FrostedFoxes parent reply Yeah youtube is the equivalent of the mom who beats you and yells at you, but lets you live in her house, and occasionally gives you money.
  • Hitlerchan reply thanks suit, youtube has been getting worse hopefully VidMe will do better
  • paulzpc reply It's good that you are on a site where you can at least make videos with your own ideas and style instead of being under a tough guideline it limits creativity..good for you, I will watch here too.
  • Thorvald793 reply Suit, I almost entirely watch your videos on Vidme now and only go to Youtube to see those creators who have not yet moved to Vidme. If you and the others moved completely over here, I would not miss Youtube one bit. Thank you for the videos!
  • yourvagismysafespace reply You mentioned MINDS, there's a wealth of possible subscribers on there that either don't/wouldn't/can't use fakebook or twatter. Your exposure on there is more word of mouth as actually coming across a post that hadn't been boosted isn't easy. But if someone comments on a post, anybody who looks at the comments can click on that person & see where else they've been. I've stumbled across more than a few worthwhile postings that way.
  • Muddywaters reply Happy to see you here mate! I appreciate your efforts - I had not realised you were here. :)
  • jj27 reply The only thing YouTube gives a shit about is YouTube
  • spookyboo reply My favorite guy on YouTube is here!
  • GanjaGamerKen reply I'm here man!
  • DDD675 reply So, you're the second person I'm following. I was thinking about an alternative from YouTube. So here I am. Thanks for the heads up.
  • SuitYourself reply Thanks Crazydingo
  • [ – ] mattytripps reply would be an outstanding platform if the layout and ui didn't suck a big pair of flying balls
  • Sock_Puppet reply I really hope the Vidme creators listen to Styxhexenhammer666 in his last couple of videos aimed at them, right now vidme is on the edge where they could either grow and become a real Juggernaut capable of being a real alternative to youtube or they could pander to the left and become another metacafe. Right now in this moment in time I am not holding much hope for the site.
  • AceAcer2 reply I'll follow you on whatever platform(s) you are using so no worry :D
  • [ – ] Aeswa reply just followed your channel
  • FrostedFoxes reply I don't know if i want to post my own videos on here, i suppose there would be no harm in giving it a shot though.
  • shogadame reply The YouTube exudes is going to be bitter sweet.
  • mattytripps reply Woah!!!! Vidme has ads now. I mostly make fishing and tutorial videos but ill ditch youtube for vidme in a heartbeat as well
  • mattytripps reply Hey suit, can you call me a crazy dingo!!
  • ForNoGoodReason reply well I think I found you via minds,to vid me. I'm gonna keep watching your work. Fuck em.
  • [ – ] elgabowsky reply Cross-posting from your youtube video: I'm going through the youtubers talking about this subject to say that it's not just about the companies. Eventually all the other platforms will have to use AI for some form of moderation or another. The DATASETS used to train the AI algorithms are the important thing. If there's a public available datasets that CORRECTLY classifies terrorism, pedophilia and the like, companies won't need to resort to "specialists" like ADL to classify videos, posts, etc. But to create a dataset like that, it is a humongous effort that requires lots of voluntaries and experts to build. So youtubers need to spread this idea around so the right people can be reached. Here some examples of public datasets to see what I'm talking about:
  • [ – ] RejectBullshit reply Made this account for you suit I'm checking out other content while I'm here. I'm not ready to totally drop YouTube yet but maybe this will be the start of my transition. Love your content please never change anything for YouTube I'll follow you anywhere.
  • JackDinn reply Suit, was just looking through some of your back catalogue and the thought struck me, what if youtube decided to retrospectively apply all this censorship crap? will they just start bulk removal (err censoring) of shit loads of vids of all the people i subscribe to.
  • RobertTLongway reply I am really glad you are doing this - I will be watching all of your videos on the platform
  • Nicodemous52 reply This was one of the first videos I saw on Vidme when I showed up like a week and a half ago. Now, this isn't anywhere near the epic levels of YouTube bullshitary, but still, people migrating here with the idea that Vidme is some kind of free speech alternative to YouTube are mistaken it seems. Hell, they even openly suppress the politics and news tag and will not allow it to be "trending" and the punish get pissy if you don't use the right tags. The final thought I'll add, no, there doesn't need to be a "skeptic" category. You "skeptics" on social media are not actual skeptics, you are sheeple that oppose Political Correctness for the most part. Just a bunch of mindless fucks that obey and never question their shepherds. At least in so far as the audience. No need to just transplant that cancer in a new body wholesale. I'm sure the tumor will grow and fester here as well eventually, but don't transplant it, let it grow naturally.
  • yourvagismysafespace reply Love the Myspace analogy. Perhaps have an edited(happily titled) version for utube that's muted & dancing cats or bunnies or lamas or pandas or kangaroos superimposed to block out anything that would be deemed offensive, & add a link to here with the actual title shown.
  • the_epilepsy_guy reply Youtube went full blown retard
  • MagnumTrashman reply Master Race will defeat the Jewtube Hordes
  • [ – ] spookyboo reply But if the problem is with the advertisers, how do they avoid the problem youtube is having? Different advertisers?
    • NateToons parent reply Seems to be the most likely case. Not to mention the fact this YoutTube controversy has caused people to look for alternatives, this is also a big chance for companies (whether they have ad space on YouTube or not) to make some profit on sites like Vidme. Controversy can be a good way to earn some money.
  • WrongThinker reply I was always wondering where you went when I couldn't find you on YouTube! Those fucking assholes.
  • Crypter27 reply I couldn't agree with you more ,I recently signed on vidme as well because of the wave of you-tube censorship.
  • Edgewood reply Yeah, it's frustrating-but to make our new home stick around, we're going to have to help fund this place's growth-both in numbers of people and to help their infrastructure. If we're lucky, they'll be capable of holding back any attempts to shut them down.
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