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  • NoirKamui reply VidMe... the future? Wish you the best of luck! Made an account for you here and Im definitely not the last. Lets see if this platform takes off. Its about time to find an alternative to YT.
  • Mrthund reply Damn.. I might just watch all my videos from here now. As usual great video
  • Devonknowsbest reply Devon, it is criminal how few people appreciate you. It is truly hard to find someone who is rational, smart, funny, creative and doesn't give a fuck about the slimy weasels of this world who are too blind to see how great you are. Been following you since your second channel and I'll keep stalking. I've learned alot from you. You are the best ( alongside Sam and Hitchens ).
  • KaryD reply Devon saves!
  • Andrew_Titchiner reply I watch all my Roo videos on Vidme now. YouTube can get fucked.
  • AceTurnerJ reply #WeAreDevon
  • Jim-Bob reply Finally one of my favourite youtubers makes it to Can we get tommy sotomayor next?
  • soldatlol3 reply makes me want to play Saints Row. I know, useful comment.
  • izzydead reply I Looooove this video!
  • [ – ] sirrobhifi reply Twice I've left a comment, twice the app crashed. 3rd time lucky?
  • jermely reply I wonder, if this platform takes off, are they going to bring in a CEO that will once again clamp down on freedom of speech in the interest of ad money? I hope not - total freedom is a niche nowadays, it should be their main goal - otherwise they'll just wind up a much less successful YT.
  • KaloChen reply Hey Devon I came here because I'm sick of YouTube being shit. Stay awesome.
  • Spinman1 reply OK I signed up for an acct and followed you here! Keep the great content coming... AIU
  • Sebaka reply Why in the flying fuck this video got blocked on Youtube? Is it becouse of the music at the end of the video?
  • DrowningOrpheus reply has potential. The app's pretty decent, it just needs the user base.
  • HFamilyDad reply Smashing tale old chap!
  • Dath20 reply I'm on Vid me now fuck yeah
  • xxlpimp reply Sometimes I dream about being a millionaire so I would be able to patreon $1000+ to you.
  • TheLeonBM reply Hopefully will let you grow as much as your greatness deserves. ♥
  • DieselMonky reply LMAO at the ending, Was that Freddie Wong in a toga??
  • levathain reply So virtuous, need to move off YouTube to here
  • [ – ] sirrobhifi reply Already removed from YouTube
  • adrenalun reply Great rack
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