Welcome to the Cold War: Russia Expels US Diplomats, Seizes US Properties

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  • peacey reply I'm always reminded of the time the government seized a legal brothel in Nevada, decided to run it themselves and actually failed and lost money. This always makes me laugh... can't even sell sex properly!! Whenever they try to "handle" any situation, whether it's foreign relations, war, education, healthcare, or even prostitution... they always fail miserably. Pathetic.
  • valereth reply 80s had tons of great metal and action films
  • Forestal reply Sort yourself out, Senate! I guess that's why SJWs find favor in US politics- it's always someone else's fault for not giving us a safe space
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply They don't care Dems and repibs report to the same people and not to us.
  • KilledInAdvance reply Uncover my face as John Mccain dies. In the Nuclear Garden!
  • Cryptonymus reply The 80's were double edged. The constant threat of a nuclear holocaust was the inspiration of much of the great music and films of the day.
  • Edalwulf_Bergmann reply How do you feel about the reformation of Rhodesia?
  • I3UTM reply Well Gentlemen and Gentlewomen, it has been a privilege living with you in this life. With apologies to The Titanic.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply Notice how they wait a generation before trying the sme old tricks to make us afraid and calling for war.The advantage of being old. I've seen this rodeo before, and before and it was ALL FAKE.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I'll say it AGAIN, why doesn't McCain just die. Fake republican.
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