Magic Darts - NES - Only Level One

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  • [ – ] thehappymarriedgamer reply This looks like a good game to play with buddies! Wonder how many points the fly would of gotten yea!
    • OnlyLevelOne parent reply I have no idea how many points the fly is worth. I've tried playing it a few times since and have never hit that stupid fly.
  • [ – ] Noside reply Are you playing this game on a emulator?
    • [ – ] OnlyLevelOne parent reply This one I was playing on an emulator. I use every different way to do these in order to get the best quality capture. Some games don'e emulate well. I have an NES flash cart with original NES Hardware for the Zapper games and others that don't work with emulation, Emulator on PC, and then I use a modified NES Classic Edition for live streaming NES games.
  • [ – ] BigCalsWorld reply Oh hey, didn't expect this video to show up! ;)
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