This Week in Stupid (02/04/2017)

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  • [ – ] Blueple reply I seriously hope that vidme will take off
  • [ – ] Sargon_of_Akkad reply Sources:
  • theyellowtub reply Racist jokes are the best jokes.
  • Emoticon_Math reply Much better site than YouTube.
  • [ – ] Jim-Bob reply Seems weird watching sargon on another channel. Can anyone recommend similar channels?
  • RoboLynx reply don't forget to upvote the vids :D
  • LicitSkeptic reply It is a crazy world Sargon, Keep up the good work.
  • Ballt-Zalt reply This is bread and butter in Sweden, any preschool can ask for gender adviser, free of charge, they come and screw up the brain of the children.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply As for letting my rep know, mine is E. Warren(Mass) and I may as well as bang my head on the pavement. You can't fix stupid but you sure as hell can call it out.
  • Liberty_Surveillance reply I would like to be addressed as "Your Majesty". I live near Boston and I am offended by the trans-gender pro protest. Where is the outrage for my outrage?
  • Totunda reply "Nothing quells fear and hatred like making it illegal". Yes, because we all know that the perfect way to deal with someone who has an anxiety disorder is to tell them to stop complaining and force them to enact their fears. Yes, because we all know the perfect antidote to stop a person being angry is to just tell them to stay quiet.
  • Totunda reply "If you belong to the LGBTQAA+ community"-- Let me stop you there. If you're a member of the "T" community. This is a transgender-specific issue - and not all transgender people. The remainder of the alphabet soup community, transgender bathrooms have no relevance for.
  • GlobalizationInQuestion reply criminalize being afraid... besides its not irrational; its very much a real risk... but sarg these people have 'converted' its fucked.. they know we will be beheaded they think by pandering and pleading they can be accepted as infidels
  • [ – ] GlobalizationInQuestion reply How's 'fuck' as pronoun?
  • Insomniari reply "Nothing quells hate and fear like making it illegal." Wow, did that guy sure spell 'fuels' wrong, there isn't even a 'q' in that word, lol. Because obviously when you're afraid of something already, and then someone tells you that you could also be punished for being afraid of that thing - that DEFINITELY is going to assuage your fears. *facepalm*
  • Diamondpone reply yes, lets go with vidme!
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