1692 - Act III By Pas Moi

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  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply It still was pretty creepy. The set up makes for good questions of where this might go and the anticipation is exciting.
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply At the end it was cool the way you faded in the rainy window at the beginning and dimmed it back to black at the end, all while keeping the window part lit. You really put a lot of effort into the visuals! I read the comment about how you put it together. Very nice! You can keep doing this story if you like, until it's done.
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Thanks! Really glad you liked that. And I'm really glad you are liking the visuals. I do what I can with what I've got and what I learn lol
  • [ – ] MrATAndreiThomas reply You have really tell the story really well.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply As sparrow said it was still creepy lol. I think your tolerance for creepy is different to mine is. Is this visual form a game?
    • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy parent reply Nope.. and that reminds me that I forgot a link. I'll add it when I get back to my computer... I used a pic of a window, dimmed the lights, cut the glass out, and then put a video of rain hitting a window behind it. But that's cool that you thought it was from a game. Thank you!
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