The Joke Sony Found Too Rude For Classic RPG Alundra

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  • Envy-Noson reply They call it "Localization", I call it making crap up.
  • Demonic-Culture-Nut reply I'm normally against such poor localization, but this company clearly had a sense of humor with it.
  • YamiryuuZero reply I am against censorship, but I am also against the localizers changing texts and dialogues in a way that deviates too far from the original. Changing A to B because "it's funnier this way" or "it's too sensitive for X" is bad localization! Good localization is sticking as close to the original without alienating those who don't speak the language the game was originally from. This team behind those games were TERRIBLE localizers!
  • pokematic reply Yes, I would like to hear more from this localizer. I don't know how much your read vidme comments, but I'm letting you know on the platform I watch on.
  • SteveTheDragon reply I guess this is the reason Team Treehouse felt it was OK to continue their style of 'localizing'.
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