Beer Reviews: Arrogant Bastard Ale

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  • [ – ] OZombie666 reply Hey man, nice video. I´m no expert but, aren´t you supposed to begin by smelling the beer and then tasting it? Just a suggestion. Keep the good work!
    • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply I know beer experts smell the beer at official beer judgings, but I'm not a beer expert so I don't try to act like I am. I always found smelling it pointless, because in most instances the beer smells like nothing at all, or smells like it tastes. If it smells like it tastes than why smell it? Just taste it. Finally, I'm trying to separate myself from any other beer reviewers that may be on this site and skipping the smell is one of the ways I'm trying to differentiate myself from them. Also, I'm really glad you enjoyed the video!
      • [ – ] OZombie666 parent reply Fair point, must of the time beers do smell like they taste, but smell really adds to the experience. I´m a huge beer fan, so I´ll be around. Thanks again for the video.
        • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply No problem! Thanks for watching!
          • [ – ] truckmyad parent reply I usually kill two of these a night. Not my first choice, but usually, my second.
            • [ – ] November_Fox parent reply What's usually your first choice?
              • [ – ] truckmyad parent reply don't let my choice influence your reviews. I do not know beer well.
                • November_Fox parent reply I won't let someone else's opinion influence how a feel about a particular beer, but if there's a beer you like, I may be inspired to try to find it to form my own opinion. I like to try to add as much beer variety to my channel as I can. Beer variety is one of the main reasons I try so many IPAs. In case you didn't know, I'm not a huge fan of IPAs, but I drink them anyway for the sake of the channel.
              • [ – ] truckmyad parent reply It's actually Big Dog IPA from Big Dog Brewing. I just drank some beers and it ended up being the one that kind of stuck.
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