When Should Remakes Not Happen?

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  • [ – ] dadsperiment reply That was a great video! How do you feel about the multiple re-telling of Spider-Man's origin?
    • pokematic parent reply Personally, I'm happy hearing the origin again with each new franchise, same with Batman. It's a crucial element to the character, and each franchise has to exist on it's own merits. Without it, we get suicide squad, a movie that says "who cares about origins and character motives, you know who these guys are so we won't bother telling you again," and then we're left asking "wait, why are these bad guys again?"
    • NickOfTime parent reply Personally, I wouldn't mind not seeing the origin story again. I've already seen it with Maguire and Garfield and now, refreshingly, we've got the new Spidey already being Spidey. I'm sure they'll make callbacks to Uncle Ben somehow but I'm excited about just jumping in! Also, VULTURE!!! FINALLY!!!
  • GaryTurbo reply The most aggravating thing is when people just bashing remakes of remakes. I saw Ben Hur (2016) and The Mummy (2017) I thought it wasn't bad. Ben Hur had a dramatic story, good acting and a 3D chariot race from the guy who made Wanted and Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. The Mummy had a good story, fun buddy moments with Tom Cruise and Jake Johnson and Sofia Boutela. I'm glad IT was getting remade because how horrible the miniseries was
  • [ – ] bradleyangle129 reply About Garbage Pail Kids, THEY MADE A F***ING CARTOON SERIES! Speaking of which, why hasn't he reviewed yet?
  • theericosborne reply The Critic (1993) predicted this. Good show watch it on crackle
  • [ – ] Fighting_Zenith reply I think that remakes should focus on films that aren't very good, but had potential to be good. In addition to Drop Dead Fred, here are my examples: -The first live-action Guyver -Wizards (While I do enjoy this as a guilty pleasure, I do think that the beginning could have gone at a faster pace. Throw in better editing and animation at parts, and an extra hint of explicitness...BOOM! You have the film that Bakshi wanted to make, and Michael Barrier wanted to like.) -Speed Racer (Sorry to Egoraptor, MindChamber, and Hot Diggedy Demon, but the parts taken out of F-Zero X and Wacky Races killed it for me. I'm keeping Speed, his family, Racer X, the Mach 5, Trixie, and Sparky loyal to their anime counterparts, but I would do it in the style of Death Race 2000.) -M. D. Geist -Roots Search
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply I will be honest about Speed Racer; it was more a 5/10 movie than the others, but what ruined the experience: 1. Too much CGI (really noticeable at the end), too many elements taken from last decade's Tim Burton films, F-Zero X and Wacky Races (which killed all suspension of disbelief), and there are too many shots during action sequences. (Which made them a bit hard to follow.) 2. The editing was a bad case of being too creative without any thought whether it would help the story or not. 3. The colors are garish, I mean couldn't they have gotten Eddie Fitzgerald or Mark Kausler for their color palette. 4. The dialogue was inconsistent in quality. Roger Allum from V For Vendetta had the best while Christina Ricci had some of the worst.
  • pokematic reply I know people don't like Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and I understand why, but I loved the book, and when I watch the remake it was like the movie looked inside my imagination, and extracted exactly what I envisioned (except for Willy). As for the points of when to remake, I agree. Right now my gripe is with Cartoon Network and their remakes. Teen Titans Go completely misses what made the original great (it wasn't the chibi and voice actors), Power Puff Girls 2016 doesn't realize what make the original great (people liked OG because it wasn't paint by numbers, unlike 2016), and Ben 10 2017...well I didn't like the original so I can't really say why the remake is bad, but I think it has something to do with Gwen not being the foil to Ben, and not having enough action.
  • FriendLikeMe92 reply I'm kinda sick of the remake discussions more than I am of the remakes themselves.
  • AutobotJediIronmanYT reply Wow, You're here now? Cool!
  • NEONred1 reply Didn't suspect that the nostalgia critic was on this
  • [ – ] JulioSerivah reply Hollywood is in its Aluminum Age because everything they have right now is recycled
  • SavageLarz reply Remakes should only occur if there is enough fan demand.
  • [ – ] blazedu reply Also remaking bad movies, improving on them be it by a good original idea and interesting concepts or because the director can envision something better should definitely be a thing. But you know holywood doesn't like betting on something that in their minds bombed the first time. Hence why we have mediocre to terrible remakes with few exceptions of only the good movies.
    • Fighting_Zenith parent reply Fun fact: The Maltese Falcon (1941) happens to be an example of a remake of a bad movie, that being The Maltese Falcon (1931).
  • [ – ] Sectual reply Remakes should never happen.
    • [ – ] GaryTurbo parent reply So, youre saying that Ben Hur (1959) Scarface (1979) and The Mummy (1999) shouldn't happen?
      • [ – ] Sectual parent reply Basically, I don't give a shit about any of those movies. I don't really think "Scarface" has made the world a better place or anything. Just my opinion, Gary, don't get butthurt.
        • [ – ] GaryTurbo parent reply No, your first comment is being "butthurt" my reply is called a rebuttal. If you wanted original film you would've supported it.
  • LuBu0000 reply They're thinking of Rebooting The Crow, but I think that movie doesn't really need a remake. The sequels do, especially City Of Angels. I heard the original script looked like it was actually going to be good, but executive meddling caused it to be shit.
  • StolenMoment reply they attract investors, go with a winner
  • StolenMoment reply Sophocles, Shakespeare, John Houston endless cycling
  • BlackbirdFrost reply How....DARE you sir!! Drop Dead Fred was fantastic! NO I will not watch it again because I remember it being fantastic and that's how it shall remain for me!!
  • Adrint reply Woah no way. Is this real? Is that really you, critic? Here? Neat.
  • WellReadDaily reply I very much enjoyed Sir Ian McKellen's reinterpretation of Shakespeare's Richard III, set in the modern-day 1930-40s.
  • Britt613 reply I was wondering if this is the same Nostalgic Critique from YouTube? He doesn't have a link on his YouTube channel so I just find it a bit off.
  • kwendy reply Shining wasn't really made as a remake of a movie, it's a remake of adaptation to make it more faithful to the book. And Alice is basically most popular fantasy inspiration to date, so why the hell not - you can't go wrong with fantisizing - no matter what you say.
  • Howesenberg reply There should be a law that prevents re-boots / re-makes for 10 years. In my opinion it is only worth trying when technology allows for a better visual experience, not to say that's all that matters but it should prevent Hollywood trying to cash in while a film is still hot and actually try to make a decent follow up.
  • SuricatoAsalto reply Can I just say that The Magnificent Seven, in my opinion isn't better?
  • [ – ] neo4812 reply that's the problem with remakes nowadays, theres no heart
    • Howesenberg parent reply Exactly my issue, the money seems to come first which is all the more insulting considering big production companies are usually always behind the re-boots...they already have plenty of money.
  • blazedu reply great points and totally true. Most remakes lack that heart which the original had and are never able to be in the same level as the originals.
  • LoreReloaded reply Oh sweet, I didn't know Channel awesome was here to..
  • [ – ] RichardWendling reply Johnny Depp is a great actor, but also an idiot! It's like Robin Williams in "Toys". Depp should just go to hell! Oh did I say type that aloud?
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