TV Is Dying: Youngest Demographic Prefers Youtube, Netflix

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  • SamEarl13 reply TV is one of the most idiotic things ever considering things, why watch certain things at certain times (ignoring possibly recording them) when you watch whatever you want, whenever you want online without a billion unskippable ads every 5 minutes. Too bad YouTube wants to turn itself into TV 2.0 with its idiotically strict monetization and what is essentially an online cable subscription...
  • mathphysicsnerd reply My hope is that younger people will realize that YouTube is turning into the new TV and flee to platforms like the very one I'm commenting on. YouTube's final form will be basically modern television on a computer, ad length and everything; I call this little concept Cable.internet. That's why I'm telling all the people I can to check this place and others out so non-YouTube video sites can grow.
  • AltRightNationalist reply 90 percent of programming on tv is utter trash.
  • wolfalexzemla reply hope oogle and farcebook die also
  • arenelomax reply The fact that most televisions die (literally) within 2 years of purchasing it, doesn't help consumer interest either.
  • SC87Returns reply I wish TV Could Dies Faster.
  • wolfalexzemla reply remember when the m in mtv stood for music. now its the flapping butt cheeks channel for promoting male homosexual acceptance
  • wolfalexzemla reply There is no creativity on tv because they turned it into a 100% mouthpiece for propaganda
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