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  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply That is a great new intro and gas mask! I could use one too .. actually, I'd actually need an actual intro first before I could use a new one XD lol... Yeah, it's never a bad idea to branch out and discover all the possibilities out there to see which one best suits you. This is true for just about anything in life. We do this with food, hobbies, movies, and so forth. So ya gotta do what ya gotta do. "Do you boo boo" #Praisebetorocky #praisebetosarah #praisebetorawmanbutalsofuckyourawman
  • [ – ] Proto reply Do it, I recently just became vidme exclusive... but with the things going on recently I may start posting again on my Youtube
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply I'll support the content I like on any platform but I do prefer the close knit group of people I've come in contact with on vidme. Feels more like home here even with the crazy week we've had.
  • [ – ] MartyReactions reply It's okay to branch out. Bring more people to this site
  • [ – ] mathphysicsnerd reply YouTube for archive purposes sure, don't try to rely on them for anything else though. You'll get way more bad drama, infinitely more chances to be copyright-struck (usually without sufficient justification), less influence and ironically, less interaction.
  • [ – ] InternetUnwind reply Personally i am still cross uploading, and making sure i communicate in all the communities i can. I think the site is so young that realistically many complaints those people had in those vids dont hold as much water in a smaller and newer community. I mean the issue that there isnt enough good content is subjective for instance. It might be low quality, doesnt make it bad content.
    • [ – ] CrazyRocky parent reply Yea one thing I really wish to say to everyone who keeps bashing the creators on this site is, we dont have budgets to make shit. We dont make money off of these vids really so we do the best with what we got.
      • InternetUnwind parent reply Not only that the insane number of content creators on youtube means that many of them are bound to have good jobs or family money. So they could start off great. The site has been in existence for what 12 years, so people there have probably figured out more about their style and how to work around issues. Not to mention becoming truely comfortable on the mic.
      • HeroicVillain parent reply What's wrong with the videos on this site? I love the videos on this site except for when you changed your intro.
  • lambdog76 reply Some pretty wise insight on the subject with this vid from @bunniiBGG . If you step back and examine what is the idea and or advatange to Vidme or any site, exclusivity? Money? Friendship? Is it a bigger help to either site or your brand (as they call it) if the vids are individually specific? I say mirror to both and see how it goes. If people on vidme search you, they find familiar content, and the same if we search YouTube. Downside is that audience expansion, if you hit big it will be that much more difficult to communicate back to people. 1k comments are a bunch to go through...
  • AxxL_Afriku reply Let me tell you about my yards: Vidme, YouTube, Musically, Instagram, Twitter, YouNow
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply it's not a bad idea, it's a smart idea. Especially Live streaming in YT are doing better than normal uploads. But vidme is still your main focus right? and you will mainly use YT for livestreams?
  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Hey Rocky Sorta playing Russian Roulette asking other people to make up your mind i'd say . I would do what you want cause at the end of the day you gotta live with whatever choice is made . Good luck in whatever avenue you take and if you do go over to YT let me know i'll give you a shout out and try and help you on your way .Peace DGTLONE
    • CrazyRocky parent reply Well I think my audience is important when it comes to these decisions I already had my mind made up about brancing out just needed to see the feedback
  • [ – ] whako reply If you want to expand yourself it is always good to put yourself in other platforms and grow an audience there. That is why it is good to have backup plans for things that might not go as planned.
  • [ – ] MFKraven reply got you on Twich bruh. I missed the mark yet again im follower 401 :'( lol ive never claimed to be a exclusive creator to anything despite being LOYAL af to Vidme but I think it's only natural someone like you branches out and tries all outlets, and if you fail which lets be honest is highly doubtful then you always have Vidme to come back to
  • Lonecomplex reply Why do you even make videos? Answering that question will answer what you should do. If your goal was to get as many likes / comments / subs / etc as possible, then you should start making "Top 10" list videos or something else that is guaranteed clicks. And so long as we're going on raw numbers, the potential top end on Youtube is (not exaggerating) about 5000 orders of magnitude greater than Vidme right now. You're already aware that cracking 1000 subs here is hard and only a handful have done it. 1000 Subs on Youtube is hardly even a channel. If your goal was "community," then IMO you can have that anywhere, but it will be more intimate here on Vidme. There have been complaints about the Vidme team. On Youtube, there aren't even people to complain about - it's merely a faceless legion of Google execs running an algorithm that automatically polices content. Algorithms that check the entire audio of the video and are set to censor and demonetize (or even strike) automatical...morely if it hears too much of a copywritten song or the right words in the right order. Moreover you can have your own "community" if you can create enough of a cult of personality - but it takes plenty of work to maintain such a thing. Look at any successful Twitch streamer and you'll see the way they have to tend to their little collective to keep it satisfied and growing. Concerning yourself with inclusion, exclusion, even schisms in your own community - all predicated on what? Your content? It can happen, it just takes time, effort, and a little bit of luck to go internet famous - but there's a blueprint to do it if you're willing to follow it. IMO sounds like a lot of work to me, and I've already got a job. Of course you could monetize your fanbase and your popularity even from the get-go. How much have you already made in tips and subs? Is money your goal? Typically you'd need the fame first - but make no mistake I have seen so many Patreons cashing out multiple times my salary for something as stupid as a twice a week podcast or someone who might put out one high quality 30 min video every 2-3 months. Or you could just say screw the whole thing, make what you want to make for yourself, not care about the consequences one way or another and have zero desire to try to turn it into something about fame or money or anything more than amusing yourself foremost. But that requires you to first understand that what you produce has no value (except to yourself) and that's tough for some people to get over. I'd say your answer requires some self-reflection on who you are and what you want out of your efforts.
  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply I think branching out is a good idea. I'm not one to typically keep all my eggs in one basket because of how risky that can be. Should anything happen on this platform, it could be difficult to establish a presence on another. I'd say now is a pretty good time to do it too.
  • [ – ] GunDoctorTV reply Hell yes expand branch out! I would subscribe for sure. Also get your own web site and name it you could sell shirts there that says: "I'm here to eat puss and piss people off" -Alex
  • EmeraldMasterPixed reply I don't know why the "VidMe Exclusive" became a sellin' point for VidMe content to begin with, I mean I would upload my Content on both VidMe AND YouTube to begin with, the same video would just be on one of the platforms first and I'd use that as a perk. People, I have a suggestion, instead of bein' this "VidMe Exclusive" and what-not, you might want to look into the idea of usin' VidMe AND YouTube and have it where one of these platforms will have your content on it first and maybe set it where you wait a couple/few days to upload that same content to the other platform, why, the reason is for one is to have it where your content will be on both platforms and two; to enable atime gab so your can stray some attention to that content before it's on both platforms. I mean, this is MY plan, but it's not like I was gonna patient it or some shit, this is just my friendly suggestion to all of you that want to be VidMe-only, I can't exactly see how that would work to begin with, but hey, i...moret's my opinion, you may have a different one and that's just fine, this is just my two cents on the matter. C:
  • [ – ] KayToons reply I'd say do what you wanna do. I still cross upload so I can reach as many people as possible with my videos.
  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Damage control is ok. I see no problem with this as long as it's sincere. The only thing I see a problem with is changing your intro.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply You should be able to go where you want; it's everyone's choice to do what's best for them and it sounds like you've been thinking about it for awhile. Exclusivity has it's drawbacks which I think is obvious, but if expanding is what you wanna do, by all means do it if it makes you happier. There are a lot more positives in expanding to other places like YouTube than staying exclusive to one site. I agree that Vidme is in a strange place at the moment. I'm also interested in where it goes, including my own growth here, but I'm gonna stretch to other sites as well as continue whatever I'm doing here. So... you gotta do you, boo.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply Since everyone always likes to talk shit about the intro here ya go <3
  • S1Husky reply Personally I never really got the point of being exclusive to a single platform. I like Vidme for the community but even if the platform continues to grow there'll always be people who refuse to make the jump from Youtube. I upload my videos to both because I still like both platforms personally. Sure, Youtube has been making some dumb choices lately but I've been around on there for over a decade under various names. As for Vidme, I really love the idea of Vidme as a platform but I've never really been the type to "put all my eggs in to one basket" as the old saying goes. If some people see that as a lack of "loyalty" to Vidme, so be it. So you do you bro, do whatever you feel the most comfortable doing. :)
  • ZTV_Productions reply I'd say Youtube is in transition right now with their algorithm changes and ad apocalypse recovery. It never hurts to branch out, but I'd advise to keep one spot as your main. Youtube should not be it.
  • Sweetpotates reply As a chicken broker would say, Don't put all yer eggs in one basket
  • Zimbo_Gamer reply what about vimeo?
  • Zimbo_Gamer reply is ur gas mask a jew?
  • SubZeroAppleSauce reply You might as well post on YT as well. I'll be going back there soon.
  • Iannis_Hour reply U have 0 chance to get noticed on yt even if your content is good
  • nodetact reply And by the way, what I plan to do instead of choosing whether or not my video content is the same or different between online platforms is that I intend to have occur what I might start calling a "partner scheme" , that is, my Vidme channel will have the same categories and even albums as my BitChute channel, but the sole difference will most likely be that they each will take respectively their very own approaches as to how the content is operated upon and functioned. Ex. My Vidme channel will take a creative professional approach towards vlogging and will utilize what I named the roller coaster method of vlogs (which I'll explain later on in my video hosting platform's videos, but for now, all you need to know about it is that it's an expansion from Daniel and Tim's strategies for vlogging in combination with my own styles!), whilst my BitChute channel will, pure and simple, just publish and submit vlogs the traditional ways everyone is familiar with. And yeah, I know this all makes ...moreme stand out, but that is the point: I love being recognised for what I work and stand for. But that's just me... What will you guys do that differs from my own way of this?
  • nodetact reply So here goes: 1. Vidme 2. BitChute 3. Minds' upload 4. YouTube 5. Vimeo 6. Dailymotion I can't really expand on this at the moment... There was a reason I wasn't commenting for the past week or so, in other words a semi forced hiatus. But when I get in a better recovered condition plus energy, I might copy paste one of my Minds' posts as a comment on here, as it directly explains my understandings of all these other video hosting platforms. Meanwhile, feel free to reply away!
  • Trust_Nasty reply Do both, your Still A LEGENDARY Vidme Pokémon at the end of the day and you will have my support
  • MisterHan2000 reply Personally, I feel right at home here on Vidme, but you do whatever you feel like. I have my issues with the tubes, but I still enjoy some stuff that's on there. Make sure you talk about your vidme stuff on youtube, I've heard it'll help both of your channels grow(if that's any concern to you). Thanks for all the great videos!
  • GeneralTiberiusxX reply You should probably stay on vidme because look at YouTube's dying video platform now
  • ThingsnStuffCrew reply You could've just asked to use our gas mask, it would look cool rather than silly haha
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