Randy Quaid - Message to Rupert Murdoch

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  • Lotean_bun reply You know I wasn't convinced until the weird paper mache sex scene. That convinced me. I'm fully onboard now. Yup.
  • ByAnyMeans reply I've always loved your work . . . this is no exception. Now you're my hero. Keep fighting the man, Randy and Evi . . .
  • newsuperhuman reply Quaid for President.
  • Zakaos_Ewing reply This is more fire for Randy . This is what he is talking about .Find out about Laurel Aston , laurelaston2.blogspot.com
  • 00Viper00 reply Most people never realize what they have, until life puts them to a test, and challenges them, pushing them well beyond there limits of there comfort zone, and I think it's fair to say, It's only when you've lost everything, that your free to do anything, and I think it's awesome, to see you both living your life, to it's fullest potential now. Your awake, aware and seeing things clearly now. Randy and Evi you have it all wrong, your life isn't over, it's just begun. You now have a new appreciation for life, and it's good to see you both showing it. You both are very grounded, humble and grateful, for what you have in one another , and your old life, no longer matters. Just know, haters are gonna hate, but as long as you both have one another, the worlds opinions of you, mean absolutely dick, your untouchable. Keep up the good work, and thank you both for having the guts and the balls, to stand up for yourself and others, when they didn't have the means tooo...
  • Rodlu13 reply http://dc494.4shared.com/img/RGUt30Q1/s3/138caf6e718/DIES.gif
  • livinginreality reply I n3eed to download
  • thatradtallguy reply For the record, I can't indefinitely say that what has happened with the "star whackers" has any association with predatory gangstalking but I would like to discuss everything further if you have the time Randy. My contact information is listed in the comment above.
  • thatradtallguy reply Randy, my name is Conrad Nolan Klug and I've been reading about what is going on in regards to the star whackers. I wanted to schedule a time to discuss everything from your point of view. You see, I run a nonprofit centered around spreading the awareness of a sabotage and harassment umbrella term named predatory gangstalking. The techniques utilized within this umbrella term seem to match some of the claims you've made in regards to the "star whackers" and we could potentially benefit each other. Feel free to check out some of the information we have published online at stopgangstalking.org. You can contact me at 312-513-4100 or at conrad@stopgangstalking.org.
  • ifcdirector reply Are you guys or are you not hiding out in the health room of an abandoned Canadian middle school?
  • SlashsHat111 reply Russel Casse lives!!!
  • denamarieG reply Come on, you have got to laugh at this. It's funny. Well worth more than a dollar. You've got my money Randy!
  • Quaid123 reply Quaid123 Follow Randy Quaid @RandyRRQuaid
  • benbenk reply added to vid.me/c/WTF
  • makeitfast1018 reply You still got it cousin Eddie! Still very funny! Love it!
  • Darrell59Parker reply More smackdown Randy bring us more Murdoch smackdown. Rupert is a NAZI bitch.
  • cousineddie reply The dog was cheering them on....lol
  • beefheartfan reply Hey smartmom26 - where do you get off calling his wife horrendous? Get a life and a sense of humor you arrogant, age discriminating twit.
  • beefheartfan reply One of the greatest videos ever made. Genius, funny, genius, enlightening, genius and fucking funny, funny, funny.
  • Fred1975 reply lol it's one of the more "unique" sextapes I've seen :)
  • GreyGhost reply Looks like more like Papa smurf than randy quaid
  • GreyGhost reply Dude, put the pipe down!!!!
  • Buh-Bye reply It was hilarious, but poor Randy. It looks like the cheese has fallen off his cracker. Is that a Motel 6 where he's staying? He and his wife have a long list of building up huge bills in resorts/spas/hotels and then just walking out without paying…refusing to show up for court appearances…squatting in other peoples homes while they were away…until they finally fled to Canada where they are stuck. I heard he applied for political asylum in Canada because he said there were Hollywood assassins after him.
  • Hovercoat reply Pure unadulterated genius. This might just be the best video I've ever seen.
  • jxkey reply Shitters full
  • weeniewawa reply Randy is crazy, it was David, my boy David who was the hero of Independence Day. We'd all be dead now if not for David, my boy David. Oy Vey
  • avilita reply lol..He is still hilarious!!! Omg!
  • smartmom26 reply Randy Quaid is not only completely insane, he's also disgusting, disrespectful of his horrendous wife, and guilty of animal cruelty for subjecting that poor dog to his naked, fat, old ass!!
  • _shurter_1 reply Murdock's company was busted for the largest eavesdropping case in the UK and didnt know about Saville and the pedophile ring of elites they are now discovering? Murdock is fighting for the status quo of the 1% and essentially is screwing us all. This is just a funny way to present it. But humor attacks people so Quaid is getting it out there.
  • pacotaco reply Just a word about Snots there in the background... If he does lay into you, it's best to just let him finish.
  • realista69 reply #FuckHIMrightinthepussy
  • thedog reply this is maybe the best thing I've ever seen in my life.
  • haydencurrie reply blaming the jews - that's our randy!
  • whammie reply Randy Quaid is Still HILARIOUS!!!
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