Everything you would want to know about Little Nightmares

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  • [ – ] HomeeJimmah reply i really needed this video. if you did not know the summer sale for steam is going on right now and i really want to buy it, i think this helped make my decision. lol the intro to the game is funny, i love your commentary. the editing was great too, and you almost got me with that jumpscare haha... ALMOST GOT ME! i have a very hard time playing horror games as well, i can get through them most of the time, but this sounds good. lol the cat, noping was hilarious, i remember that from back in the day. i had to stop half way through so i didnt see any spoilers... in the end i think i just wanna try it out, it seems like everyone had their own experiences. i enjoyeed tho and left an upvote. oh ya if you have time and feel like it maybe check out my channel? you can look around see if there is anything that looks interesting, if not thats all good. im gonna try to check in every once in awhile when you upload to watch the content. like to stay in the community and watch smaller creator...mores a lot. well good vid, and thanks if you check me out! ill be sure to keep an eye out for videos!
  • [ – ] thanhduong12 reply lol love your vids
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