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  • GazzyTube reply Most relatable video ever ๐Ÿ˜‚
  • [ โ€“ ] BlackbirdFrost reply Uh...hi. So, like...have you ever been in one of those social situations where you actually do have something funny to add to the conversation, but whenever you try to say it, someone else starts talking and cuts you off completely? Or how about when you DO manage to say it but no one seems to have noticed you you awkwardly repeat it, then you feel even worse because you don't know if they actually heard you the first time and think you're just an idiot for repeating yourself or not? life right there.
  • FlyingMillennial87 reply Trust me it only comes in handy with aviation and maritime radio communication, other than that, your screwed.
  • duffy reply lol your videos are so funny to me :D
  • Tai_Moya reply Same! Except im funny when it comes to my family, maybe cuz I'm used to them around me lol.
  • Bohoy reply Yeah, I can relate to this.
  • Spotty reply I hate being socially awkward around people, makes me uncomfortable.
  • BrianAiya reply great to see your video being featured again :)
  • WebNoob reply I'm comfortable talking with anybody, but I just choose not to. There's very few people I actually want to have conversations with. Solitude is better than being trapped everyday in awkward situations with a fuck ton of people.
  • Its-Me reply Haha funny video! I am also socially awkward and anxious. It shucks! Followed ;)
  • thebruceduggins reply I hate when someone calls my social anxiety cute. It might look cute but on the inside it's ugly and I'm suffering from crippling mental torture :D
  • Jragon014 reply Small talk is the worst. I can't lift a conversation past that point D=
  • Lemonz reply Im holding a macbook giveaway on my channel! All you gotta do to enter is up vote my videos, leave comments and follow!
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