Deny Reality, Tolerate Everything!

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  • Fighting_Zenith reply Didn't Penn Jillette do something similar called "Tolerance is Condescending?" In addition, he did a better job at articulating the point. To be honest, I think the whole left-right spectrum is a sham.
  • HarryJohnson reply i hope 2017 is the end of sjw bull
  • WebNoob reply Yo, what's white on top and black underneath ?....Society !
  • QuazzVids reply I wonder if any of the people are paid actors/actresses. I doubt any of these "social experiment" videos these days.
  • Craftwithcookies reply (Actual Male) Outside: Hi store I identify as an attack dog helicopter pingas train XD and if you identify me wrong then I will get triggerd af and sue you for a small loan of a million dollars! You better let me use the womans bathroom or else i will kick your businesses butt! Inside: Heheheh they are so dumb im just a perv who wants to look in the girls bathroom huehuehue
  • [ – ] TheDrumstick reply In Swedish kindergartens, it's not allowed to use the word "she" or "he" but they have to use a third word, "hen". This they have to do no matter what the kid says or wants. It reminds me of the pronouns "ze/hir" they are trying to enforce in USA. Reject this normalization of unnatural laws in society. /A concerned citizen from Denmark.
  • theron reply I'm a New Yorker who identified myself as "Liberal" until these lunatic control freaks showed up and started calling themselves that. What a joke they all are. Astonishing that institutional infiltration and brainwashing work so well that they have been running things a while. I will be SO happy to see their idiotic legislation removed! As for the young people who have been taught these ludicrous things, I don't want to be divided from other people by the lunatics' lies. I say be patient and remember that when we are gone, those young people will compose the world we love. When I was young my mind worked much differently.
  • mattytripps reply Somebody really needs to sue the state of ny for violating free speech rights
  • [ – ] B-atiful reply oh no silly me, i thought 2017 we could fucking get over ourselfs and let people be what ever they want instead of being fucking cunts oh well i guess not your saying we should have free thought but do you want to hurt someone? do you really want to be a terrible person? you know the type that sais you can only be your own born gender female and male and nothing else and you can not be gay. do you want to be that kind of person, i know its not like if your an pen minded person removing these laws will change you but what about the people we are teaching, children, i want our world to be excepting, not hateful, its a message i have always stood by
    • GAM3RSDOOM parent reply And yet you just called people who disagree with you cunts? A little ironic you don't want the world to be hateful and yet you go on a hateful rant.
    • maximemoring parent reply Maybe don't feel like you need everyone's approval or to act how you want them to be happy and maybe, just maybe, you'll feel better about yourself. Plus, acting on what you call intolerance with insults and censorship (actual intolerance) is definetely the best way to go about getting people to accept it.
  • AveSatanas666 reply I don't get the issue? Why is it so fucking wrong for someone to be different than someone else? I did think it was 2017 not 1954. I thought we were supposed to PROGRESS and do things that we thought were wrong back then and now realize that it's okay! Like homosexuality was considered wrong in the 50's but now it's okay! WE NEED TO BE FUCKING PROGRESSIVE NOT REGRESSIVE.
  • AveSatanas666 reply Why cant we just except people for who they are??? I DON"T FUCKING GET IT!!!!!!
  • solarpete reply Go to hypno alpha male skills. Black ops hypnosis.
  • bonniegail reply Social fascist programming
  • Mainstream reply You know what, I'm considering moving to North Korea tbh. Fuck this shit. I'm sure communism isn't that bad...
  • stringentfoot reply Im sorry but the only genders ill ever memorize are male and female and besides that i don't fucking care.
  • bhousepdx reply It's tough to restrict Y chromosomes from entering certain rooms. I think the primary concern is giving way to a no rules attitude which can be taken advantage of. For example being tolerant about a schizophrenic who thinks he's talking to his microwave and letting them have that reality when you could instead be honest and treat that person medically. The big factor in psychoses is the suicide rate. For normal healthy human beings the suicide rate is about 1%, counting attempted suicides and social behavior. For schizophrenics the suicide rate is up to 23%, they are easy to recognize yet difficult to treat and help in our society. They often commit crimes as well. Transgender or "Body Dismorphia" is in the American Psychological Association's DSM4 partly because the suicide rate among transgendered people is 40%. These people are often found to have brain tumors as well, pushing on key areas of the amygdala and prefrontal cortex as you find in other neuropathies. If you truly...more care about transgendered people, it's time to be honest and know what you're talking about. Virtual signaling that you care and therefore they should be encouraged is sponsoring and enabling a lot of these individuals to live in misery and mental suffering. Some are born feeling different than their genitalia, these transgendered people are the least likely to exzhibit suicidal tendencies so it's not cut and dried. But ignorance here is harmful, men are men women are women, these facts are immutable yet you can respect individuals as you would anyone else. Ultimately by not giving a shit.
  • chrissy12356 reply There are greater laws above these corrupted laws....if you born a man your a man...if your born a woman your a woman...Marxism is to destroy the west and immobilise the truth. ..
  • KcGonzales reply This backwards world has made good bad and bad good, elites are turning people against each other. Btw a man is a man and a woman is freaking woman no matter if they are gay or not I could care less but the day someone comes in a bathroom I'm using or my children are using that doesn't belong there, they will need a freaking safe space by the time I'm done with them. These f'd up people need to get over themselves , if they are confused it's not the rest of the unconfused worlds fault.
  • Okanaganguy reply There must necessarily BE something for young people to revolt against in order to develop a personal and collective definition. Today they have nothing of substance for this purpose.
  • Libertywagon reply Keep the costumed gun slingers out of your pronouns and I'll support tolerance of nearly all things but If you insist on government mercenaries forcing me to use those pronouns then go fuck yourself in all the ways that you identify that self of yours.
  • Rooster_Sunburn_58 reply The hypocrisy of the "regressive" movement is nothing short of comical. Everything they do and say could be a Front Page Onion article.
  • LastCynicStanding reply This is the first video I have seen on vidme. =)
  • lambchowder reply "Deny reality, tolerate everything!" My opponents are the extreme ones, not me, the guy who has never failed to deliberately misrepresent a view point by using a mock passive-aggressive-tone. I'm the moderate, middle of the road reasonable guy, you can tell by all the carefully cherry picked of contorted expressions I use to represent my opponents that I care a lot about accuracy. You can't say the same for my rivals, though, they're NEVER to be trusted, they ALWAYS jump to conclusions, they're such EXtREME RADICALS. You can have no middle ground with those crazy SOCIAL JustICE WARRRIAAAHHHS
  • lambchowder reply There''s never any escape from the idiotic bathroom/Christmas/gender/video game bullcrap. Angry Irish conservative reactionary couldn't be satisfied with his Youtube revenue stream, he decided he needs more, More, MORE!!! indignant self-righteous outrage bucks. Go away. Go brood in some awful tavern about the mean old Northern Irish or whatever.
  • KarlSparrow reply nice vid there :) check my channel if you want to smile really hard :) cheers
  • crimson_king reply Just give in. All hail incsoc. If you do not agree with our policies you will be sent to the ministry of love.
  • Dezmounts reply Agree, but no one should have a penalty for not knowing which gender it is, thats stupid.
  • [ – ] icegumsz reply Murica and its ridiculous laws again
    • NoBS4U parent reply The gender issue was Social Activism that began in Europe. Through Social Service programs which foster a government dependence mentality. How's the riots going in Europe? Oh, that's right, most don't know if they're spoon fed media consumers. Good luck.
  • Snarly55 reply Thank god I do not have children, I would not want them to leave the house after seeing this shit.
  • nomsino reply i want to accept this, but not from a fuckboy like crowder.
  • [ – ] nomsino reply fuck chowder. hes a huge dumbass
    • NoBS4U parent reply Chowder exposes Snowflake Douchebaggery. The best part is these same Safe Space ideologues are stupid enough to publicly mock a messenger instead of admitting dependence on Emotional Baggage. It's like watching spoiled petulant children having a public temper tantrum.
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