The Young Turks Absurd Coverage Of The Charlottesville Shooting

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  • ACCEPTTT reply YT is so chauvinistically committed to the regressive narrative that I can't tell if they are crazed or if they just willing to obfuscate and lie because they think they are on the "right side of history" (I hate that term), and it is therefore excusable to be deceptive.
  • [ – ] Muddywaters reply Ah the narrative, Chunk & Anul shilling for the $. It don't get more obvious than this.
    • [ – ] ACCEPTTT parent reply Maybe that's what sustains YTs gargantuan biases: money. You would think that a person could MODIFY their viewpoints when they receive such pushback. For example, I supported Bernie when he was still just a senator. I considered myself a democratic socialist, but I had to witness the behavior and thinking of my fellow Bernie supporters on the Left during the campaign. That pushed me away from the Left; labor and capital Socialism takes a backseat to sympathy for Communism, and the Left's policies seem inextricably linked to Postmodernism, and identity politics. Also, I've lived in the Middle East and seen the heartbreaking lives of people who're cowed by doctrinaires. Watching Uygur sit across from Sam Harris was unbelievable. You would think that some Svengali had previously hypnotized the YT staff. Uygur could not GET IT. He was so outmatched that he was like a buffalo in a fucking maze. Yet he just kept on with shit like, "doh, I just don't see it. I just don't see it." Then af...moreter presenting the sit down as a "clear the air" effort, Uygur went and talked more shit. Maybe it's the paycheck
      • Muddywaters parent reply He has often exhibited that wilful blindness. Watching the divide that is being pushed in western societies is concerning as it's obvious there's an agenda at play. The middle ground is being cleared much like the middle class.
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