So What Happens When You Combine Comics and Gameplay?

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  • [ – ] IljaKorhonen reply Hallo. Do you intend to upload the whole Witcher "Super Let's Play" of yours? pls do this is amazing :D
    • [ – ] Comic-fied parent reply Haha Super lets play... I like that name :D Yes I do intend to do this for the entire game, but life started getting in my way lol. The last few weeks I was super busy with commissions and stuff. I'll be uploading every Sunday (GMT +8) at 12pm, but as for episode 4, I'm thinking that would take a long time to make as Chapter 1 onwards of the game take up some time to finish. I should be uploading videos of character designs before episode 4. Can't wait to draw Shani! She's always been my favourite :)
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