Trump Is Issuing Military Gear And Weapons To Cops Ahead Of Welfare Cuts

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  • jp9605 reply I also listened to this guy's channel. He may seem a little out there, but when you have done the deep research and made the spiritual, occultic, and secret societal connection like me and a small minority of others, you will see just how wild shit is in this world.
  • jp9605 reply People had better start stocking up on guns, ammo, food, water, water filtration, bug out bags and fuckin' brains. This is the luciferian antichrist system being brought into fruition. Stop trying to appease everyone. MGTOW hermit!!!
  • jp9605 reply Hey Angry. Yes, it is true. The Venezuelans are using the bitcoin as a bartering currency. Bitcoin is good, but I am on a current plan of stocking up on resources needed to live self-sufficiently. I am preparing for a collapse of the electric grid in the US. There are plenty of studies and government sources to show the potential risk of an EMP strike (through a cyber attack by the US government on its own citizens as a psyop or a foreign power collaberating with this treasonous government.) Another good item to stock up on is organic non-hybrid heirloom seeds. Seeds have surpassed the price of gold and silver before in US history. When the global economy takes a dive through derivatives, food will be the primary resource. As you know Angry stated, hunger will drive people to the point of doing and paying anything.
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