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  • [ – ] Sangeeta reply Welcome to! You'll love the community, I have only been here a little while too but so far everyone has been amazing and super supportive of each other :)
  • [ – ] top10archives reply Only been here a short while ourselves, but can say the community is completely different. For the better, of course.
    • [ – ] VegitoGaming parent reply Yea dude I'm already liking this site. The only thing I don't like is the upload limitation. But I heard if I apply for verification, there will be no restrictions. So I applied.
      • [ – ] top10archives parent reply Yeah, verification is key. The 1GB limit is killer, but once it's lifted, uploading on Vidme is a breeze. Best of luck on your channel!
      • [ – ] iJimUK parent reply It can take a couple of days but as long as you have everything set up and seem to be active in the community you should have no problems getting verified. Good luck and welcome home
        • [ – ] VegitoGaming parent reply hehe.. Thanks. I wont be able to upload more videos until I get verified because my video files are around 2-3 GB each and I believe vidme can only upload 1GB?
          • iJimUK parent reply If it does take a bit longer to get verified your upload limit will update at the start of every week so you will be fine :)
  • [ – ] Saucybagel reply Hey I'll drop you a follow to help you get verified! I'm working on starting up my own channel too, so best of luck to you :D I plan on making informative tips and tricks videos for climbing out of low elo in different games. Hopefully soon, I love this community already.
  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Welcome to human ! I'm on both platforms but I have to say this place is wonderful ! The humans are friendlier and truly supportive of each other . There's a lot of mutual support !! The community gives back what you give :) I look forward to your videos !
    • VegitoGaming parent reply Thanks so much! :D Yea this place is more friendlier and looking forward to what this site will bring me to! I'LL check ur channel out after posting this comment
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