It's Ok If Everyone Hates You

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  • jp9605 reply Go your own way into homesteading. If you really want to be self sufficient and independent, be seperate from the system. Some say "no man is an island." I say bullshit. Stop sucking the tit of the system. All these pussy manginas, simps, and white knights want to brown nose the cunt feminists, and suck the big cock of government. Fuck all of them!!! Let those sows roll around in the mud and fuck with the other pigs.
  • branddino3 reply It finally happened foxnews fires all male employees abd replaced with females make a vid on this bs
  • branddino3 reply
  • AItiger reply Billion dollars investment in androids. Check it out MGTOW/GENTLEMAN! 🍺
  • Insidio reply I Hate and Love Everyone on same time .. Go Fuck Your Self !
  • AItiger reply When people hate you...your getting closer to the source of which they tried to hide by lieing an distorting the truth, for which they seek to conceil for the benifit of themselves. You know your on to somthing, an when your onto somthing people hate you...then they follow you when you become accurate in your quest for truth amongst fraudsters/liers/manipulators an betrayers! At the end youll know who you are as well have the satisfaction from within like NOAH FROM THE BIBLE OR JOSEPH
  • AxxL_Afriku reply everyone hates me bcuz im ugly
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