Psychology - Harsh Discipline effects on Children - EP1

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  • [ – ] ResistanceChicks777 reply The Bible says spare the rod spoil the child. I use to spank my children then I had to look at my childhood and be healed. What the Bible means, using the "Holy Spirit" with love, the word which is able to rebuke, correct etc. and conviction that causes the human being to turn towards God's love and be filled with the Holy Spirit, find healing and love. The Bible does not, The Bible does not support corporal punishment or physical punishment. Never, never use violence which is corporal punishment, cussing, screaming, rage, yelling etc. Before you can discipline your child you have to make sure your life is right with God and without sin. Only God can judge or punish. So God or the Holy Spirit must be working through you bring repentance and forgiveness, with the anointing. If your child is in school away from you all day, you know nothing about your child, how they feel what affected them that day, etc. , you have abdicated your rights to strangers and lost your child. You are in sin...more.
    • Gaardian parent reply Hey, thanks for the reply, you are right in the fact we should never hit children. It has a long term deleterious affect on them! One example I give to Christians that still feel the need to use CP is that Jesus never hit any kids, so why should they?
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