Anime Comparisons #1: The Trapped in a Game World Pentalogy

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  • Temerity reply Have you ever heard the Overlord soundtrack? It's nearly .Hack//Sign-level in quality. It's not all that noticeable in the show itself, because it isn't the focus of the scene, but listening to it on it's own makes for a surprisingly good experience. The appeal in Overlord for me is largely the fact that the main character is, as far as he knows, alone in the world. The only "player" who transferred over. He's trying to reach out to other players, specifically any possible guildmembers of his who'd gradually dropped out of the game due to life commitments, but he's also very paranoid about the possibility of someone hunting and killing him. It's a more gradual build-up than what I remember in .Hack, with more of an exploratory element to it. It also has themes of gradual and continued growth as the NPC minions of his overhear some idle chatter from him about how the world looks beautiful like a box of jewels, and mentions that obtaining that box might be fun. The NPCs end up dedicat...moreing themselves to conquering the world in the name of their leader. Meanwhile, the main character has no idea that this is happening. He's juggling with the fact that he's in a whole new world, and that he's now actually in a skeleton mage body and can't eat, drink, or sleep. There are bits here and there about how he finds solutions to problems he never had to think about back when he was in the game world. He's a skeleton in the videogame, so he never had to clean himself, but now that he's in a real world, cleaning around all the bones takes forever. He ends up solving that little problem with a bathtub filled with acid slimes to dissolve the accumulated dust and grime on his bones. He's got some minor resistance to acid damage, so he doesn't get injured by it. Small world-building details like this separate this from most animes I've seen on the subject. If I had to give the show a flaw, it's that the exposition can sometimes get a bit unwieldy and clumsy.
  • copperfield42 reply NGNL was indeed very fun
  • LordTerminal reply Stop saying shit about .Hack/Sign that isn't true and giving it praise it doesn't deserve! Allow me to link you to your lover boy, Digibro's video on .Hack because I'm just going to say the exact same thing otherwise and this saves me some typing: Plus deep and mature do not belong in a "Trapped in a video game" setting. If anything, that makes video games to be poison for one's mind. Oh but that's probably what you want. Yeah uh huh. Keep living that right wing lie, Snob. And that isn't even the part that pisses me off the most. It's the fact that you label No Game No Life to be better than SAO! NGNL is unwatchable! Even the pretty colors burn my retinas! So keep badmouthing SAO all you want but until I see a true anime that does it better, it's the best you've got and you've got nothing to convince me otherwise.
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