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VR to James Yeager & Reid: caliber debate videos 5.56, 7.62 Nato, 30-06, 8mm, 7.65

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February 2 2017

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This video presents differing opinions and information to the caliber debate presented in Tactical Response's videos on caliber selection, 5.56 vs 7.62 Nato, and discussion of 3006 vs 7.62 Nato. The selection of bullets for the manufacture of limited penetration ammo for the 7.62x39 are discussed. The non-debate of 5.56 vs 7.62 Nato, since engagement distance determines the selection of the proper cartridge. The differences between 7.62 Nato and 3006 are discussed as it relates to heavy ball ammo employment in machineguns for extreme range area fire missions in asymmetrical warfare from tripod mounted heavy MG and GPMG by armies without organic fire or air support. #weapons #weaponguides #survival #survivalskills #survivalshooter #lastofus #lastofus2 #prepper #prepping #prepperforum #wrol #shtf #postapocalyptic #military #asymmetrical #asymmetrialwarfare

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