Icelanders officially welcome back their football heroes with one last "viking thunderclap"

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  • duffy reply You can actually visualize the speed of sound in the beginning as people in the front clap sooner than in the back because they hear the audio cue later.
  • sverrir reply We Icelandic folks will never agree to let fear control our actions and no religion, terrorists or any kind of fanatism will do that to us in future. That's why rajeshham.
  • danboiiiyd reply Muslims have nothing to do with it
  • mambo1812 reply This is so cute, am a fun iceland.
  • rhondacairns reply Beautiful to see people coming together. No politics. No religion. Certainly proves there is good still out there. Inspiring to watch. You are not my team, but I am certainly a fan of your country and your people. Class act.
  • henzi01 reply How can you say that Muslims have nothing to do with it ? it's proven that Muslims do most attacks on large population amounts , just look at the last few weeks .
  • agolik129 reply It's Iceland, not the US.
  • jdbela reply they are not afraid
  • rajeshham reply Why are they taking the risk by gathering half their population in one place? What if something happens?
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  • eliotdeangelis reply que poca verguenza #ayudaparaelias .@elias_munozlama comparte
  • WowSuchPolitics reply rajesh stop being a pussy. Bad stuff does not happen in Iceland and if it does they're not going to be girls about it. They remember the viking way.
  • openzo1 reply look at these idiots bringing something so irrelevant and fear mongering to this. what if there was a drunk driver who crashed in there, what if there was a flood. what if there were 10 heart attacks in that area and there was a stampede afterwards. pointless.
  • henzi01 reply Iceland only have about 900 people registered with the official Muslim organisations in the country. So there is low risk of anything taking place.
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