Casually Explained: Flirting

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  • [ – ] HeroicVillain reply Is taking my pants off considered flirting?
  • [ – ] KaiKipzRulz reply I cant flirt for my life.....
    • [ – ] HeroicVillain parent reply I'm sure if you just follow the advice in this video, you totally won't end up doing 38 hours of community service in a soup kitchen standing next to a 7 foot tall glandularly challenged human fur ball named Gert who smells oddly like a freshly opened jar of martini olives and a slab of salt pork on a hot day, I'm sure you won't end up with a quasi-sadistic former prison guard as a probation officer who cries himself to sleep every night because no one understands him, I'm sure you won't have to move into your grandma's basement because your parents won't have you back and have to listen to grandma and her "dates" through the cheap sound transparent floors - sounds that will haunt you well into YOUR old age, and I'm especially sure you won't have to go on some random websites that let you be anonymous to let out your frustrations cause no girl will talk to you after they find out you have to slide into the old coal shoot to sneak into your basement room if you come home past 9:00pm - I...more'M AN ADULT GRANDMA, DO YOU HEAR ME, AN ADULT!!!! Wait, what was I talking about?
  • WebNoob reply But I just come up to the person and say "Hey, you're hot hehhehe".
  • lemonadeandlatte reply Having a single peacock feather may not work. You actually want to gather a bunch of them and glue them to your bare ass.
  • DrDoubleZero reply Confidence is key! I usually just try to make everyone laugh and from there its easier to add a layer of flirtation. I dont get much field testing done, lol Im always in a relationship. which is where I probably derive confidence.
  • sarah reply "i like to send them breakfast so that they have all day to respond" i am dead
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