The Future Belongs to Those Who Show Up For It

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  • [ – ] JadeJicama reply So, you can wear the hijab in 'solidarity' but don't you DARE appropriate someone else's culture, you shitlord! What?
  • Rayman327 reply You just can't fix stupid. It's just mind-boggling what these politicians say now a days.
  • [ – ] AtomicDog602 reply Not sure if this video is social commentary or comedy. Europe has become a complete mess.
    • [ – ] blindfire parent reply Europe is done, it is circling the drain. The best we can hope for realistically is for a breakup of the big states into smaller ones when their governments fail and that most of those resulting smaller states have their heads screwed on right.
      • Luciful_Mephisto parent reply If both europe and asia falls, there will be no hope for humanity.
      • AtomicDog602 parent reply Europe is already chock full of small nation states (if they are really even sovereign any longer as part of the EU). I am not sure Europe can do that well even more fractured. But maybe you are right. Something is going to give...
    • SylvesterSan parent reply I'm going to look into Europe more because I don't think Europe has to be a bad thing what so ever. And I very much think that most people that agree on Europe being shit with ComputingForever is just because he sounds convincing.
  • [ – ] Sm39m4 reply Concerning Trump; it was worth a try...
    • [ – ] blindfire parent reply He's been deceived. I don't think we have any reason to hope for anything out of him now.
      • [ – ] Politics_N_Games parent reply I think it was Trump who deceived us, rather than Trump who was deceived.
        • [ – ] Lord_of_Fire parent reply The only person deceiving us is Dave by only reading the headline and not the article proper, which puts things more into context. Yes, Trump wants to renegotiate NAFTA, thus making it look like he's globalist, but he also said he wants to make it better for the US economy, or axe it if he can;t get a better deal out of it. Doesn't look like a bad thing to me, and it certainly doesn't prove that he got "deceived".
          • Politics_N_Games parent reply There's no need for NAFTA. Free trade leads to manufacturing going to where the lowest costs are. If manual labour is the biggest cost, Mexico will benefit. If robotics are more prominent, the lowest costs will be energy, and hence Canada will benefit.
  • [ – ] SilentxDeath reply Geroge soros is funding antifa.
    • VybeyPantelonez parent reply Someone is funding them. They're by design supposed to show how we need fascism to stop them. We should really just ignore them. They feed off attention, and not having jobs.
  • c_arnold03 reply Heh. Van der Bellen said that whilst he believes a woman should wear "whatever she wants", should Austria's "rampant Islamophobia continue, there will come a day when we must ask all women to wear a headscarf - all of them! - out of solidarity towards those who do it for religious reasons". So, does this mean we should be using Sharia compliance standards when it comes time for sentencing people, cause if I've got to stone Homos, adulterous women, and cut of thieves hands to show my solidarity with Islam, well, by god... er, I mean, Allah, I guess I'll have to do it so as not to offend.
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Everything wrong with the EU right now. By Belen's comments, I see why they aren't elected smh
  • Froban reply We want women to wear a headscarf regardless of religion...although when it comes to someone shouting about appropriating someone else's culture is where they shoot themselves in the foot.
  • TypedScroll reply I thin the austrian minister is just having early dementia. He speaks in a very confused manner and lives in a bubble paid by the EU.
  • freerangehobo reply The world is yearning for leadership by idiots.
  • Driver22 reply The will gladly march right into a fire...all to avoid being called a racist. Not I....I'll be a racist and keep criticizing Islam.
  • VybeyPantelonez reply The hijaab is a symbol of human stupidity. Why would god create something so perfect and beautiful as the curvey female figure then say... wait.. now don't look. Stay agnostic folks (imo)
  • The_Stupid_It_Hurts reply So when do you think terraforming on Mars will begin im about saved up for my shuttle ticket now Dave
  • CRS01 reply It gives me hope , that we , as people who belong to a free society , for the time being anyway , are waking up to the fact , that we are being led and lectured to , by a bunch of complete AIR HEADS .
  • Insidio reply AI Go Rogue 🔥
  • ITSnippets reply Its inevitable that Islam will take over, breeding rates alone will ensure that. :(
  • Politics_N_Games reply This politician is telling everyone what they've got planned, and that there's nothing you can do about it because all the political parties in Europe are on board.
  • KOPIKANN reply I was waiting for "It's just a prank bro!" at the end of the video... but no...This is for real.
  • blazedu reply What else can be said? you heard him austria, it's up to you if you want to keep him you president or not.
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